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Alphabet and PronunciationEdit

There are 12 consonants and 4 vowels as shown here:

Letter IPA Transcription Approximation in English
Aa /a/ bra
Ee /e/ roughly like face
Ii /ɪ/ bit
Jj /ʃ/ shock
Kk /k/ car
Nn /n/ not
Oo /o/ roughly like law (British English)
Rr /ɹ/ raw
Ww /v/ viper
Zz /s/ sip
J̌ǰ /ʒ/ vision
Žž /z/ zip

The Jj and Zz are notable because they do not represent [dʒ] or [z] respectively, instead representing [ʃ] and [s]. The carons represent voicing, as shown in the chart compared to its form without a caron. The Ww represents a [v] instead of a [w], as well.

Therefore, the words are typically pronounced just as they look, but a few other dialects pronounce them differently. You, for the purposes of this tutorial, will be learning the water dialect.

Basic GrammarEdit

Basic Nouns and VerbsEdit

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