English Ižkiwa Literal
How are you? [Kaweǰeǰe] kaki kižo za? [Your] health [is] good, yes?
Hello. (formal) Žakaǰi. Praise the planet.
Hello. (informal) Žak. [None]
Good morning/day. Kižo žakaro. Good day.
Do you speak ... ? [Kaweǰe] kiwa ... za? [You] speak ..., yes?
Who are you? Žek zer [kaweǰe]? Who are [you]?
And who is he? Ka, žek zer kaweǰa? And, who is [that]?
Goodbye. (formal) Zerkaži. Be healthy.
Goodbye. (informal) Zerka. [None]
Good night. Kižo rožakaroni. Good night.
What is this? Žeki zer keža za? What is this?
What is "[word]" in Ižkiwa? Žeki zer /[word]/ rez Ižkiwa? What is "[word]" of Ižkiwa?
Do you have this? [Kaweǰe] ǰeki keža za? [You] have this, yes?

Zerkaži, ka ǰeki kižo ož žakaro.

Goodbye, and have a great day.

Not-so-useful Phrases

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