English Ižkiwa Literal
It's all Greek to me. Zer Aeriťani rez kaweǰ. / Zer Zarikorjir rez kaweǰ. [It]'s Aeridani to me. / [It]'s Salykkolšil (Polykolian) to me.
Burn him! Žaražiki[ kaweǰa]! Burn[ him]!
Drink water daily. Nizoži nižo rez žakaro. Drink water per day.
Live, and let die. Kakeži, ka zera kakeniži. Live, and let die.
The name's Bond. James Bond. Kiwaka zer P'onť. J̌amž P'onť. Name is Bond. James Bond.
Let it be. Zera zer. Let be.

If you don't know what "Aeridani" or "Polykolian" is, you're not part of the Universe Sandbox fora. If you do know what "Aeridani" and/or "Polykolian" is, tell Fiah and/or Kalassak that I told you that he's/they're awesome.

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