These basic phrases are important for introducing people and other things.

Aleby hildit aleb Johnny. (アレビ・ヒルディト・アレブ・ジョニー) My name is Johnny.
Yulo. (ヤロー) Hello.
Hiltio yilo. (ヒルティオ・イロ) Thank you.
Yilo aleb diloti. (イロアレブディロティ) You are welcome.
Jipoi aleb yilo? (ジポイアレブイロ) Who are you?
Aleb yilo John? (アレブイロジョン) Are you John?
Ye, y aleb John, k y aleb hiloitlokilimi. (イェ、イアレブジョン、クイアレブヒロイトロキリミ) Yes, I am John, and I am twelve.

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