The Styllianish Language, also called Stylian or Styll (original Cdíllane [Stheellené] or Cdíllën is a language mainly based on Portuguese, English, Danish, Russian and, rarely, Chinese. It can be called an "almost universal language", as it unites Romanic, Germanic and Slavic languages. It is pretty simple, as most words are highly simplified and all the sounds are always fixed to each letter (Rules about sounds are solid). It is the official language of the Republic of North Stylia, a peaceful country on the north of the small continent of Nova Europa. Even though RNS has 21 000 000 people (Dec2017), only around 4 000 000 talk proper Styllianish, as with the time people have been adopting English or Portuguese (mainly because England and Portugal colonized most of Nova Europa).

Alphabet, Digraphs and Diacritics Edit

These are the general pronunciations. Other languages have different sounds because of the following letters, this one not. The alphabet is totally in Latin Letters, but some rebels want it to switch to Cyrillic. There is a work going on to add some cyrillic letters to the alphabet.

The Alphabet Edit

Letter IPA Similar Sounds
A ə Ago
B between v and b
C s Mass
D θ Math
E æ Trap
F between f and v
G g Bag
H ʁ [French R]
I Life
K k Crack
L l Lemon
M m ham
N n Night
O ʊ Loop
P p Spy
R r Road
T t Tie
U ʌ Bud
X ʃ Cash
Y* i Party
Z z Zipper

*The letter Y is not officially recognized, as it has basically the same properties of the letter I.

Diacritics Edit

Because Styllianish is a very sound-restrict language, Diacritics must be used to make words softer.

¨ IPA Similar ^ IPA Similar ´ IPA Similar
a ä* a - - - á* ɑ Palm
e ë(n) æ̃ Fi(n) ê e (or ɪ) They - - -
i - - - î ʒ Vision í i Happy
o ö ɔ Lot ô o Row - - -
u - - - - - - ú ʊ Took

*Both Ä and Á have very similar sounds, and there are words with the 2 versions acceptable.

~ IPA Similar
n ñ ŋ or ɑ̃

Digraphs Edit

There are some letters (consonants) that do not look good with accents, and to make more sounds into the language, some digraphs were defined.

Digraph IPA Similar
rr Spanish R
dh d deal
bh b buy
ll lj Lute
kk bt. g and r (or /x/)

Bt. = Between

Grammar Edit

Pronouns Edit

Pronouns have only 1 form for both Object and Subject.

There is no translation for "it". When used to describe an object use 3rd person and if it doesn't mean nothing, do not write anything.

Pronouns usually stick to the verb.

Like Portuguese, there is a difference between informal and formal "You".

Person Personal Possessive
1st Ig
2nd (if)
2nd (f) Vo
3rd (m) Etu
3rd (f) Etax
1st Bos
2nd (if) Dunê
2nd (if) Vös
3rd Etanê