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Type Agglutinative
Alignment Nominative-Accusative
Head direction Head-Final
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Declensions Yes
Conjugations Yes
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Verbs conjugate according to...
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Sufangoli is the most widely spoken of the languages in the Sufen-Espric group of the Valknis Language Family. It is the official language of Asigoste, Svengan, and Gallifross



Bilabial Labio-dental Alveolar Alveolo-Palatal Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m n ŋ 
Plosive b p d t g k
Fricative v f s ɕ ʑ  x h
Approximant w j
Trill r
Tap or Flap ɾ 
Lateral app. l


Front Central Near-back Back
Close i y u
Near-close           ɪ ʊ
Close-mid e ø o
Mid ə
Open-mid ɛ œ ɔ
Open a ɑ


Aa [a] or [ɑ]

Bb- [b]

Cc- [ɕ]

Dd- [d]

Ee- [e] (at the end of words) and [ɛ] in the middle. There are more spelling rules which I will get in to.

Ff- [f]

Gg- [g] and sometimes [j] if I feel like it.

Hh- [h]

Ii- [i]

Jj [j]

Kk- [k]

Ll- [l]

Mm- [m]

Nn- [n]

Oo- [o] or [ʊ]

Pp- [p]

Qq- [xʷ]

Rr- [r] or [ɾ]

Ss- [s]

Tt- [t]

Uu- [u] or [ʉ]

Vv- [v]

Xx- [x] and sometimes [w]

Yy- [ɪ]

Èè- [ə]

Öö- [œ] or [ø]

Zz- [ʑ]


Typically SVO. If the words are undeclined, SVO is the only acceptable word order.

Vellè max tolfit. Vella max tolfitö. Vella tolfitö max. Tolfitö max vella. Max vella tolfitö. (Translation: I eat the apple)

Vella is the nominative form of vellè (I), and tolfitö is the accusative form of tolfit (apple).

Vellö max tolfita. (Translation: The apple eats me) We reversed a and ö and this is the result.

Verb FormsEdit

There are typically 3 conjugations of verbs. -ax, -ix, and -x verbs.

ix verbs conjugation

-ix (present)    abix  

-isti or -ist (past)  abisti
-asa (future)  abasa
-ir (gerund)  abir
-ixana (infinitive)  abixana
-ilt (participle)  abilt
ax verbs conjugation
-ax (present)  max
-asta or -ast (past) masta
-isi (future) misi
-ar (gerund) mar
-axina (infinitive) maxina
-alt (participle) malt
x verbs conjugation
-x (present) suvex
-ste (past) suveste
-si (future) suvesi
-r (gerund) suver
-xani (infinitive) suvexani
-lt (participle) suvelt


Suffixes for nouns and pronounsEdit

a or na (emphasizes the nominativeness of a noun. Sometimes acts like a definate article or even, the verb to be)

ö or nö (accusative marker, but not required to create an accusative)

i or ni (dative marker, required to create datives)

ü or sxu (inessive form)


vellè- first person

vey- first person, casual, shortened

dü- second person

do- second person, casual

cele- third person (he or she)

jaè- third person (he, she, it) [note, aè is pronounced as ɔ]

des- this, these

dom- that, those

dala- that over there, those over there

et- it

To create other forms of pronouns, apply the suffixes.


ceva- table

wynn or vhynn- forest

dana- computer

fey- cat

kol- dog

nasu- horse

fenn- friend

tolfit- apple

klav- love

qölja- land

somma- water

visot- tree

klufa- bird

knea- fox

gjul- owl

efta- wind

stalja- voice

hilja- light

senstom- game

sen- thing

votrid- town

skoltigard- capital

gars- city

savoj- sky

glemma- memory

malem- letter

allem- word

fütor- heat

vesta- winter

skila- spring

domma- summer

qöliv- fall

damet- night

jyvel- day

bettre- dam


sven- north

hilka- south

seelig- east

skori- west

talav- book

sorj- arm

delj- leg

blira- fjord

klevra- mountain

sygot- hyena

di- lake

gleefon- wall

bator- year

cugo- century

ifraèn- colony

grioqelv- revolution

frolt- man

ginna- woman

foltaj- boy

ginnaj- girl

reseglid- brain

nekedra- fighter

behön -philosopher

siolif- doctor

siol- health

kuvif- author

belgarif- hero

belgaxani- bravery

meny- newspaper


se- zero

om- one

lu- two

ti- three

ha- four

ge- five

ju- six

zaj- seven

ne- eight

ka- nine

omse- ten

omom- eleven

and so on


Most if not all verbs end in -x in their standard form.

max- to eat

cux- to like

etix- to arrange, to do

bix- to be at (a location)

abix- to go

döx- to die

dux- to give

javyx- to hate

suvex- to sleep

zenx- to know [the x is silent!]

eelux- to agree

kaltex- to build

qeltax- to harm, to attack

Adjectives and AdverbsEdit

cuttèy- good

vheket- pretty

döltgrèy- dead

vhalt- very

glivèy- clever

Suffixes for adjectives

-t AdjectivesEdit

Comparative Suffix: am Superlative Suffix: agre Example: Vheket (Pretty) Vheketam (Prettier) Vheketagre (Prettiest)

-èy AdjectivesEdit

Comparative Suffix: va Superlative Suffix: grie èy turns into e when in the middle of a word. Example: Cuttèy (Good)

Cutteva (Better) Cuttegrie (Best)

Example SentencesEdit

Vey duste veyo fenni nasunö. Jaè javyste domèy nasu ou jaè qeltast nasunö, ou et döste.

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