First Class - Concrete People (names)

Second Class - Locations and Abstract People (referred to not by name)

Third Class - Objects


Noun Declension Chart
Masc Singular 1st Masc Singular 2nd Masc Singular 3rd Masc Plural 1st Masc Plural 2nd Masc Plural 3rd Fem Singular 1st Fem Singular 2nd Fem Singular 3rd Fem Plural 1st Fem Plural 2nd Fem Plural 3rd Nominative -ao -eo -io -aso -eso -iso -oa -ea -ia -osa -esa -isa
Accusative -amo -emo -imo -asmo -esmo -ismo -oma -ema -ima -osma -esma -isma
Genitive -alo -elo -ilo -aslo -eslo -islo -ola -ela -ila -osla -esla -isla
Vocative -ado -edo -ido -asdo -esdo -isdo -oda -eda -ida -osda -esda -isda
Dative -ano -eno -ino -asno -esno -isno -ona -ena -ina -osna -esna -isna
Objective -aro -ero -iro -arso -erso -irso -ora -era -ira -orsa -ersa -irsa


Marcus and Julia, the carpenter made us a new door for the house's porch

Marcado et Juloda, le carpenteo fastene unesno an portalima nove par le masionelo vestibira

Vocative and Vocative, the Nominative made Dative an Accusative new for the Genitive Objective



All verbs are -er and regular in their endings

Io root+o

Thy root+es

El root+e

Eler root+ea

Illit root+et

Unus root+emos

Vue root+emes

Eil root+ems

Eler root+emas


Add -i


Add -o

Close Future

Add -ei


Add -eio

Far Past

Add -oa

Composed Past

Add -oi


Add -io


Men are born and remain free and equall in rights. Social Distinctions are founded only upon the general benefit.

Homeso stems nates et rememas liber et ecall en justirso. Distinctio social establemasio sol sor le beneviro general.

Lords Prayer:

"Our Father in heaven,
hallowed be your name.
Your kingdom come,
your will be done,
on earth as it is in heaven.
Give us this day our daily bread,
and forgive us our debts,
as we also have forgiven our debtors.
And lead us not into temptation,
but deliver us from evil."
Onur Patriarch eneol scyliro
sanctifir stetio thine namio
Thine regalio advenet
Thine violontia stetio fastenir
Sor la tervira cem illit stet eneol scyliro
Donatames unesno aodai onur panima pardai
et pardonemes unesmo onur dets
cet unuseo aulso pardonemoso onur detiors
Et no directemes unesmo eneol tentacioniro
maut deliberemes unesmo delt maliro
Nur patriarco eln cilirto
sanfitid sieto thain namis

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