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Sythen is the primary language of the various Sythen races (the drak'il-, vend'il-, qal'il-, and lae'il-syth), from the world of Cirundi. Originally intended as a trade language between the fractious tribes, and clans of Dragaturak, the home continent of the drak'il, advancements in communication and transportation technologies lead to increased interaction between the consents and races of Cirudi, and Sythen quickly became the defacto language of interclanal communications. Often taught alongside traditional clan languages starting at a young age, Sythen has facilitated the development of the frozen world more so than any single technology.
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Phonetics Edit



Letter Consonant X-SAMPA Letter Consonant X-SAMPA
b Voiced Bilabial Fricative [B] n Uvular Nasal [N\]
c Voiceless Postalveolar Affricate [tS] ng Velar Nasal [N]
d Voiced Palatal Plosive [J\] p Voiceless Bilabial Plosive [p]
f Voiceless Labiodental Fricative [f] q Voiceless Uvular Plosive [q]
g Voiced Uvular Implosive [G\_<] r Alveolar Trill [r]
gh Voiced Uvular Fricative [R] s Voiced Postalveolar Fricative [S]
h Voiceless Glottal Fricative [h] t Voiceless Palatal Plosive [c]
j Voiceless Palatal Fricative [C] th Voiceless Dental Fricative [T]
k Voiceless Pharyngeal Fricative [X\] v Voiced Labiodental Fricative [v]
kw Voiceless Epiglottal Fricative [H\] w Voiceless Labio-velar Approximant [W]
l Palatal Lateral Approximant [L] x Voiced Postalveolar Fricative [Z]
m Labiodental Nasal [F] z Voiced Alveolar Fricative [z]

Basic Grammar Edit

NOTE: Sythen is still largely a Work In Progress. It it my intent to make Sythen an agglutinative language with the OVS word order. I have worked on basic phonemes, have a rudimentary dictionary done, and have done some work on tenses, conjugation, and cases, but there is still a long long way to go

Basic Sentence Structure

Generally, Sythen sentences are composed in the Object-Verb-Subject order, with adjectives and adverbs forming suffixes to the noun or verb they are modifying, distinguished in writing by an apostrophe.

Nouns are composed as such: (quantity)'(article)'noun(-adjective)

Verbs are composed as such: (mood)'(tense)'verb'(person/plurality)(-adverb)(-auxiliary verb)

Verbs Edit

Sythen verbs are highly regular. Almost all verbs are not modified at all during conjugation, only by adding or modifying various affixes are the tenses added.

Verb suffixes- Grammatical Person/Plurality

'i 1st person singular
'no 2nd person singular
'ae 3rd person singular
'magh 1st person plural
'yah 2nd person plural
'ae't 3rd person plural

Verb prefixes- Tense

ji' present simple
te' present continuous
nade' present perfect
po' future perfect
calo' future imperfect
na' past indicative
naara' imperfect
arga' past continuous
raghi' conditional

Verb pre-prefixes- Mood

ke' indicative
taa' subjective
aana' desiderative
vaa' generic
zaa' dubiative
kaa' hypotheical
tenaa' potential
venaa' imperative

NOTE: moods are not required on all verbs. Most verbs will actually not involve a mood prefix

Pronouns Edit

NOTE: to make a pronoun plural, simply add the suffix 't. ex/ joehm't= our/ours, aelae't= in them


Sythen English
nominative jae I
possessive joehm my/mine
objective ajhae me
dative aeja to me
ablative aejez from me
locative ajel in me
equative ajev like me


Sythen English
nominative reth you
possessive rethem yours
objective rethae you
dative raede to you
ablative raeden from you
locative raedel in you
equative raedev like you

ael- he/she/it

Sythen English
nominative tae he
possessive thom his
objective athae him
dative aele to him
ablative aelen from him
locative aelel in him
equative aelev like him


Sythen English
nominative dag who/what
possessive deth


objective dagae whom/which
dative deke to whom
ablative deken from whom
locative dekel in whom
equative dekev like whom


Sythen English
proximal vretaj this
medial vretar that
distal vretat yonder


Sythen English
nominative ulag some
possessive uleth some
objective ulae some

Dictionary Edit

Sythen/ A-H

Sythen/ I-N

Sythen/ O-T

Sythen/ U-Z

Example text =...

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