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Basic Dictionary Edit

am a
aahaaliq float
aamae aunt (mat)
aamauk guts
aarlux fight
aceva answer
adae aunt (gar)
aduq ever
aduvoq sharp
ahili top
ahnan banana
aiban laugh
ajukha mouth
alahiq few
amaj sew
anirlar god
ardes earth
aripiv ask
ariyonzahel accidental
arkus army
askaran dusk
asta sell
atta' five
aum in
avadanaliq apparatus
avi to (compare)
awair come
azyrad root
baqurm say
bask starve
bask starve
baskan chief
basmaq step
bedda curse
bhulsh over
biqyaha apart
bolir spill
bueyer leg
burak down
byj which
bylt cloud
casm eye
cauth desire
celen out
celen outer space
chari purple
chiup see
chunsix hear
cilukt possible
cinsyfiyet affair (adult.)
cyrbaq hair
d' the
da' one
dakt wood
deam mind
deq who
diinajufter account (bank)
do not
doynbaktna nothing
doz gray
durg walk
duvara grass
dwaji blow
dwe sing
eis blue
eleysar artifact
end at
eriz far
ezana body
fau air
fesh yellow
fhitan afterlife
galae sibling
gapan moon
gard may
gatrough plan
gem hundred
gery cold
ghed some
ghemen language
ghuul child
golgulyak vomit
goruntaz evening
gule act
gviir claw
haan above
haas ball
halae aunt (pat)
hanaq fall
hanvageer mist
hanvaq fog
haranaenaq live
hard cut
hilix storm
homme human
huepa amusing
hurban each
hutit count
huvit freeze
huya thin
hyas thick
hyas stick

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