Basic Dictionary Edit

ublerdaq seed
ugulle noon
ujaemaq move
ul bad
undal do
unega kill
unipqaraq give
urapt dig
urdwash confuse
urjhit scatter
urt' four
urtuq hand
utlaq stone
uvisitsaamiq annoy (try to)
uydernismaq adjust
uzaagaeq avoid
vae warm
vaeden sun
vahyl husband
vakaem another
vaken right/correct
vall would
vandri equal
var to (do)
varlae/tharlae woman
vasur back (n.)
vazu long
velle new
veqa most
verel beautiful
viit bite
vohm when
vol have
vul but
vyta steal
waqesh where
whimit stand
wroz day
wum on
xal for
xanad river
xaq night
xarot rotten
xax breast
xereq book
xeyus good
xikon tower
ximadin autumn
xipsi other
xyrnen fruit
yapel apple
yashar many
yecbinci alien
yensij stab/pierce
yetituz authority (enforce)
yn no
yoluq foot
yonzahel accident
yul' three
yzeqirat rope
yzol big
zamek heavy
zarva play
zell sit
zeriv what
ziq small
zul ashes
zulaerds grave
zulalotoq pyre
zullar dawn (sun)
zurpand snake
zyluq red
zyraan wife (thearnaag)

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