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General Information Edit

Ta'riki is a native language that predominantly spoken in a Planet called Gen'vi. It was used after The Terranian Authority, which is a Human Empire, established and declared the status of the native language as the second language after English. Creatures that mostly speak this language is The Ta'riki, as it was seen by the title of the language. It doesn't had any special phonoligical pronounciations.

Some OccassionEdit

As it was said in the previous section, Ta'riki doesn't had any special Phoetic sound. Below is few phoetic sounds that need to be memorized.

" Sh " sound pronounce /ʃ/

" Ng " sound pronounce /ŋ/

" Ny " sound pronounce /ɲ/

Consonants Edit

Ta'riki only had one special consonant. Sht pronounce // or C. Other consonant just taken from the normal English Language like K,L,T,P,Q, ... etc. Reminder : There is no (C) Alphabet. It was replaced by Sht.


Ta'riki also only had 5 Basic Vowels, Likely English. Remember, You have to pronounce the " E/e " alphabet likely æ sound.

Front Central Back
Close i u
Mid æ ə o
Open a

Writing SystemEdit

Writing System in Ta'riki was adapted to Alphabetical System same as The Humans in order to manage Intercultural interaction and efficiency in Communication. Only the Sht added that eventually replace the (C) Alphabet.

A,B,Sht,D,E,F,G.... Etc.


> Nouns Edit

In Ta'riki Language, the native culture of the planet always name a person/being and other things with their feelings. To correspond their feeling, they use " Kl " pronounce [K-lə] to symbolize Like/Love, " Kn " pronounce [K-nə] to symbolize neutral/strange/new and " Kf " pronounce [K-fə] to symbolize angry/hate/bad for types of objec/subjects

Example : Ci'no KfFerdinand ( I hate Ferdinand ); Mayatiri J'lko KnAdrian ( Mayatiri see Adrian, Strange ); Ha'tukku KlSinamo Pink ( Ha'tukku Likes Pink Diamonds )

> VerbsEdit

Ta'riki Language also doesn't have any specific Tenses to describe an Action that Will Happen/Happening/Happened. You just have to add these three words based on the action.

G'kle, Use whenever an Action Will or Likely to happen

H'kle, Use whenever an Action is happening

J'kle, Use whenever an Action is finished/happened

Example : Ferdinand j'kle mete'suar ( Ferdinand is Eating ); Salina g'kle natu'rino ( Saline is going to fly )


Despite being a New-born Language and still under a huge development, I have insert some important phrases in order to speak the basic conversation in Ta'riki.

Phrases Edit

  • He'ntu, Mirang'ko ketesuma? (Hello, How are you?)
  • Mirang'ki Nebuja'ri/Nebu'joro (I'm Great or other certain good emotion/I'm not great or other certain bad emotion)
  • Fe'ri tu nami? (What is your name?)
  • Fe'ri tu frema? (Where are you from?)
  • Mia nami .... (My name ... )
  • Mia frema .... (I'm from ... )
  • J'lko Re'sum Nio! (Long time no see!)
  • T'siri (Welcome)
  • F'kina Ulona (Good Morning), Use during 4 AM - 12 AM
  • F'kina Tusona (Good Afternoon), Use after 12 AM
  • F'kina Usona (Good Evening/Night), Use after 6 PM
  • Main! (Please!)
  • Yes (Lo)
  • No (Ho)
  • Maybe (Getiri)
  • Shpre'ku sura? (Excuse me?)
  • I (Mia/Mi)
  • You (suma)
  • Re' Lo Shondako ...? (Do you speak ...?)
  • Mi sedudu/Mi' no sedudu (I understand/I Don't understand)

Example textEdit

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