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These lessons are not mandatory, as it would take a very long time to learn all the words in these lessons. These lessons are more of a dictionary, and are to be used for general help. However, it is recommended to learn Lesson 1, Lesson 2, and Lesson 3, as these lessons will help for the lessons in level 2. You can use any of the lessons here and apply them in Talamäskaski.

Lesson 1 - The Alphabet

Lesson 2 - Common Words

Lesson 3 - Question Words

Lesson 4 - Animals

Lesson 5 - Months

Lesson 6 - Colours

Lesson 7 - School

Lesson 8 - Family

Lesson 9 - Seasons

Lesson 10 - Money

Lesson 11 - Body

Lesson 12 - Food

Lesson 13 - Plants

Lesson 14 - Adjectives

Lesson 15 - Verbs

Lesson 16 - Expressions, Phrases

Lesson 17 - Prepositions

Lesson 18 - Numbers

Lesson 19 - Nationalities and ethnicities in Talamäskaski

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