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The Talamäskan alphabetEdit

Talamäskaski is an easy language to spell. Each letter is pronounced separately and clearly in any position and each word is spelled as it is pronounced. However, some consonant clusters involve the letter "x," which is not a Talamäskan letter, but a sound change marker.

The Talamäskaski language uses a Latin alphabet, with 23 letters.

The following table lists all of the letters, together with pronunciations and "as in..." notes for easier pronunciation.

Note: Stress almost always falls on the last or second-last or syllable


Letter IPA sound ex. Talamäskaski ex. IPA
a [a] father
e [e] mate
i [i] beet
o [o] doe
u [u] boot
y [ʷi]
ä [æ] hat
ë [ɛ] bet
ï [ɨ] bit
ö [ɔ] long
ü [ə] uh


Letter IPA Sound ex. Talamäskaski ex IPA
b [b]
d [d]
f [f]
g [g]
h [x]
j [j]
k [k]
l [l]
m [m]
n [n]
p [p]
q [t͡ɕ]
r [r]
s [s]
t [t]
w [v]
z [z]
dzx [dʒ]
gx [ɣ]
sx [ʂ]
tx [ð], [θ]
wx [w]
zx [ʒ]

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