Type Polysynthetic
Alignment Mixed
Head direction Mixed
Tonal No
Declensions Yes
Conjugations Yes
Nouns decline according to...
Case Number
Definiteness Gender
Verbs conjugate according to...
Voice Mood
Person Number
Tense Aspect
Progress 0%
Nouns 0%
Verbs 0%
Adjectives 0%
Syntax 0%
Words of 1500
Creator [[User:|]]

Tartatja is an Australian aborigional-based language with about 470 speakers. it is known for not being linked to any other language in the area. For categorization purposes, it has been linked to Pama-Nyungan.

Classification and DialectsEdit

There are 4 known dialects. One of them, Diringarhi is extinct. Diringarhi is also thought to be a different language due to its different phonology and lexicon. Here is the list of dialects

Tathartatatja Proper - 220 speakers.

Ngaatitjara - 120 speakers.

Bidawa - 80 speakers.

Diringarhi - extinct.



Tartatja, like many other Australian languages in the area, have an Apical Laminal distinction

Peripheral Coronal
Laminal Apical
Bilabial Velar Dental Palatal Alveolar Retroflex
Stop b k c d ɖ
Nasal m ŋ ɲ n ɳ
Lateral Approximant ʎ l ɭ
Approximant w ɰ j ɻ
Trill r


Vowel length is an option

Front Back
High i u
Low æ a


Tartatja's syllable structure is (C)V(C)(C).

There are never laterals in the syllable onset. Rhotic consonants are also not allowed in the onset.

the consonant clusters are by, dhy, dy, rdy, ndh, rnd, and ld

Writing SystemEdit

The orthography of Tartatja is like that of many of the languages in Australian languages with dentals ending with a 'h', retroflexes starting with a 'r' and the palatal stop being written as 'tj'. The orthography, written in phonological order would look like this.

b/p k/g dh/th tj/dj d/t rd/rt m ng nh ny n rn ly l rl w h y r rr e a i u.






Example textEdit

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