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Writing SystemEdit

Letter IPA Name Hebrew Name roman roman
א /ɔ/ /ɑ/ /ɛ/ אלאף álef o, a, or e
ב /b/ באט béθ b
1ג [ɢ] גימאל gëmel g
ד /d/ דאלאט


ה /x/ [χ] ה he h
ו /w/ /u/ [o] /ɵ/ ואו vav v, u, ó or ö
ז /dʒ/ זאיין jayın j
ח /ɦ/ /ç/ תאח get g or h
ט /θ/ טאח θet θ
י /j/ /i/ /ɯ/ [e] /ɘ/ יאד yod y, i, ı, é or ë
(כ (ך /k/ כאף kaf k
ל /l/ [ʎ] לאמאט lameθ l or λ
(מ (ם /m/ מאם mem m
(נ (ן /n/ [ɲ] נן nun n
ס /s/ סאמאח sameg s
ע /ʔ/ אעיין a'yın '
(פ (ף /p/ /ɸ/ פא fe p or f
(צ (ץ /ts/ /tʃ/ צאדי tsadí ts or c
1ק [q] קף qöf q
ר /r/ [ʀ] ראש reš r
ש /ʃ/ /ʒ/ שן šin š or ž
ת /t/ תאו tav t

Only the stressed vowel, final vowels, o, a, and e are written in the hebrew script.

1Indicates central vowel harmony

romanisation based on pronounciation of Western Tegír :

o /ɔ/
a /ɑ/
e /ɛ/
b /b/
g /ɦ/ [ɢ]
d /d/
h /x/ /ç/ [χ] [ɢ]
v /w/
u /u/
ó [o]
ö /ɵ/
j /dʒ/
θ /θ/
y /j/
i /i/
ı /ɯ/
é [e]
ë /ɘ/
k /k/
l /l/
λ /ʎ/
m /m/
n /n/ [ɲ]
s /s/
' /ʔ/
p /p/
f /ɸ/
ts /ts/
c /tʃ/
š /ʃ/
ž /ʒ/
t /t/

In the romanisation stress is indicated with a  ́ accent except for a, ö, ı and ë, on which in latin stress is not indicated.

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