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Hyperion will be a Sci-Fi universe set in the future. The Hyperion Era ranges from 2060 to 2200.

General Anglic Edit

Terran Edit

(Terhen, Northern [Teʀɛn] Southern: [Tɛɣn̩]) is the most common language in the Hyperion World.

Ingliss Edit

Ingliss (Northen: [ɨŋlɪ̈s̠] / Southern [ɪ̈ŋlɪs̠]) is the Brittish variant of Hyperion English

Southern Anglic Edit

South-Eastern Anglic consists of two languages, dialects, really; one is North African, and the other is South-African.

Ynglük Edit

Ynglük (IPA: [ʏɴˡʊq]) is a Southern Anglic language known for it's odd phonology

Consonants Edit
Paletal Velar* Uvular Pharyngeal
Nasal ɲ ŋ ɴ
Plosive ɟ kg
Fricitive x χ ħʕ
Trill ʀ ʜ
Liquid ʟ* ʟ̠*

There is also /ŋ͡m/ and /ɓ/

*Note that they only make this sound pre-syllabically, and that anywhere else they cause a lateral release

Velar Alophony Edit

Velars are considered to be alophones to uvulars and paletals

  1. /ŋ/ is used instead of /ɲ/ or /ɴ/ post-syllabically
  2. /k/, /g/, and /x/ are used instead of /q/, /ɢ/, and /χ/, respectively, mid-syllabically
Vowels Edit
Front Near-Front Back
Close y u
Near-Close ʏ ʊ
Open ɒ

Englük Edit

Englük (IPA: [ɛŋʟʊk]) is the "normal" version of Ynglük to the north, with sounds articulated less far back in the mouth, and has a significantly higher speaking population.

Orthography and Equivelents Edit

Orthography a b d e g h i k l m n ñ o u ü y
Englük Phoneme ä ɛ g k l ʟ ʟ ʊ ɪ
Ynglük Phoneme ɒ ɓ ɟ ɢ ħ ħ y q ʟ̠ ŋ͡m ɴ ɲ ʏ

Anglo-Americ Edit

Americ Edit

Low Americ Edit
High Americ Edit

Californian Edit

Texan Edit

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