Setting Edit

Theodisce is spoken in Theodrice (Theodisce:Kingdom of the Theods) as the first language of all it's inhabitants.

When the Theods came from the east and settled in what is today Theodrice they brought with them their language. Theodisce is also used as the lingua franca of the kingdoms of men in the northern lands.

Basic GrammarEdit




Example textEdit

Gud dag, ic heiter John, hwaet heiter dhu? - Good day, my name is John, what is your name?

Ic heiter Peter. - My name is Peter.

Heur aer dhu? - How are you?

Ic is gud. - I am good.

Hwaer aer dhu fro? - Where are you from?

Ic is fro England, and dhu? - I am from England, and you?

Ic is fro Swearice. - I am from Sweden.

Far wael! - Farewell!

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