• Ety. (etymology)
    • n (native)
    • f (foreign)
    • .c (current; still in use)
    • .o (obsolete; no longer used)
    • .a (archaic; no longer in general use but found in some contemporary texts)
    • .d (dated; still used by older people but considered unfashionable for use by younger people)
  • Cls. (class)
    • n (noun)
    • v (verb)
    • a (adjective)
    • o (other)
  • Entry (dictionary entry)
  • Meaning (definition)
  • Composition (if applicable)
  • Derivation (if applicable)

The entries are ordered in this manner: other, noun, verb, adjective. Unless specifically stated, every verb is transitive. Common morphemes cannot record derivations to save space.



Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.a o pe negative polarity; prefix pethu
n.c o je definite article; prefix
n.c o wa passive voice marker; prefix
n.c o qebo at the adjacency of; postposition
n.c o thocsi right next to; postposition
n.c o wicel inside; postposition
n.c o thidko outside; postposition
n.c o teubkac on top of; postposition
n.c o cewi beneath; postposition
n.c o zolcuc between; postposition
n.c o dsugdu halfway between; postposition
n.c o tuzas in contact with; postposition
n.c o popeth moving away from; postposition
n.c o thoka moving away from on top; postposition
n.c o same moving away from below; postposition
n.c o qiczu moving out of; postposition
n.c o deqeu starting from; postposition
n.c o dsom moving towards; postposition
n.c o sec moving on top; postposition
n.c o tote moving away from below; postposition
n.c o nip moving into; postposition
n.c o peuqil ending at; postposition
n.c o cocs moving through; postposition
n.c o pabkuq moving by way of; postposition
n.c o dewpeu moving across; postposition
n.c o lamtheds moving along; postposition
n.c o mebeul concerning; postposition
n.c o cinek avoiding; postposition
n.c o cseupti for the benefit of; postposition
n.c o guzocpoc because of; postposition
n.c o deuds efficient or final cause; for a; postposition
n.c o waneu with; in the company of; postposition
n.c o nunataq recipient; for; to; postposition
n.c o cozmub per; by piece; postposition
n.c o geuwlid per time; on ; postposition
n.c o qadcud inalienable possession; of; postposition
n.c o nebbip alienable posssession; of; postposition
n.c o csuleu composition; of; postposition
n.c o geutheb origin; of; postposition
n.c o ludsthod reference; of; postposition
n.c o ladsqiw description; of; postposition
n.c o wodos endowed with; postposition
n.c o csupso possessed by; postposition
n.c o cuczeu without; postposition
n.c o lagu similar to; postposition
n.c o sogbe along with; postposition
n.c o mube being as; postposition
n.c o subkemazu comparable to; postposition
n.c o zeuknuzo temporarily being as; postposition
n.c o dsipo shaped as; postposition
n.c o csegim from being as; postposition
n.c o linemina identical to; postposition
n.c o zucute oriented towards; postposition
n.c o nozputho oriented backwards to; postposition
n.c o lotegpa turning into; postposition
n.c o gepeu after; postposition
n.c o pes before; postposition
n.c o wineth during; postposition
n.c o dseutha presents rationale (word); conjunction
n.c o czane lists items or ideas (word); conjunction
n.c o widzoz presents alternative item or idea (word or clause); conjunction
n.c o kasducs presents consequence (word); conjunction
n.c o bittito start time or location to end (word); conjunction
n.c o dothceug presents noncontrasting items or ideas (clause); conjunction
n.c o cazaz presents contrast or exception (clause); conjunction
n.c o tawdecs presents consequence (clause); conjunction
n.c o tizi relativizer (clause); conjunction
n.o n czeu unknown; organization to leader
n.o n geuj unknown; verb to abstract noun
n.o n weth unknown; verb to action noun
n.o n lipe unknown; transitive to intransitive
n.o n tuw unknown; any word to characteristic adjective
n.o n kuteu unknown; elative form
n.c v mun copula linking subject and predicate
n.c a wucske negative polarity
n.c a zas perfective nonpast tense
n.c a peug perfective past tense
n.c a thes imperfective nonpast tense
n.c a cods perfective past tense
n.c a ceus imperative mood
n.c a tak interrogative mood
n.c a nomka conditional mood
n.c a zeuzze without a doubt probable
n.c a luleuk high probability
n.c a jokat generally probable; somewhat probable
n.c a nekocs very neccessary
n.c a dseti generally neccessary; somewhat neccessary
n.c a kasa nonvisual sensory evidence
n.c a monti inferential; circumstantial evidence
n.c a kolow reportative; reporting what was told
n.c a czimne direct evidence
n.c a jed very surprised
n.c a jolas apparently; irony; sarcasm; mild surprise


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c o do one
n.c o csods two
n.c o cseu pair
n.c o ko three komiki
n.c o cse four
n.c o keu five
n.c o mi six
n.c o teud seven
n.c o ge eight
n.c o san nine
n.c o co ten
n.c o nu twenty
n.c o czud hundred
n.c o da thousand
n.c o beuth ten thousand
n.c o mat hundred thousand
n.c o wic million


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c o kolkos proximal demonstrative
n.c o jugki medial demonstrative
n.c o csopel distal demonstrative
n.c o teuwe personal interrogative
n.c o qug impersonal interrogative
n.c o tocsu location interrogative
n.c o dside route of travel interrogative
n.c o qal source interrogative
n.c o julla goal interrogative
n.c o coji time interrogative
n.c o mamo manner interrogative
n.c o seuzti reason interrogative
n.c o kekikeu amount interrogative
n.o o wit unknown; collective exclusive
n.o o pocs unknown; collective inclusive
n.c o pics subject referent
n.c o qosi object referent
n.c o dunu verb referent
n.c n wasnoj first person animate pronoun
n.c n tinac second person animate pronoun
n.c n juk second person inanimate pronoun
n.c n gojet third person animate pronoun
n.c n bun third person inanimate pronoun
n.c v waskol to do
n.c v dsine to be meunetdsine; pudzine; maceupdsine
n.c v dula to use
n.c a ke animate entity
n.c a nuj inanimate entity; general inanimate
n.c a ma flat object; sheet
n.c a ken round object
n.c a seu grainy object
n.c a czeul slender object
n.c a got mushy object
n.c a qa burden
n.c a soke like so; in this way


Abstract StatesEdit

Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n wethdibu action of being present unknown (weth); to be present (dibu)
n.c n wethbacbi action of being absent unknown (weth); to be absent (bacbi)
n.c n geujmimne existence itself unknown (geuj); to exist (mimne)
n.c n timeumneut source; origin
n.c n pimibtat base; basis; root
n.c n keni state; condition
n.c n wethmicon stasis unknown (weth); to be stagnant (micon)
n.c n ben kind; type; species jaleuben
n.c n jaleuben broader category superior (jaleu); kind (ben)
n.c n dsamo nature; character; essence
n.c n tima basic; essential
n.c n dsu attribute; property
n.c n monepneun tendency
n.c n gemtemeu system; structured procedure
n.c v mimne to exist
n.c v dibu to be present wethmimne
n.c v bacbi to be absent wethbacbi
n.c v meunetdsine to come into being; to begin being to begin (meunet); to be (dsine)
n.c v maceupdsine to continue to be to continue (maceup); to be (dsine)
n.c v pudzine to cease from being to end (puds); to be (dsine)
n.c v gemi to appear; to be made known
n.c v meupobeu to vanish; to disappear
n.c v neub to create; to cause to exist puddeuneub
n.c v puddeuneub to invent; to create something new new (puddeu); to create (neub)
n.c v dabtip to destroy
n.a v seumut to change
n.c v pibep to change (intransitive)
n.c v mugimeun to change into; to become
n.c v dacmedeu to acquire insight
n.c v noqo to develop; to grow
n.c v mitebmam to vary; to be unstable
n.c v bamona to substitute
n.c v micon to stay; to be stagnant wethmicon
n.c v deunemi to maintain; to contribute to stagnation
n.c v pinan to need
n.c v kune to be neccessary; to be required (intransitive)
n.c v domuceu to regret the lack; to miss
n.c v pudsedu to lack
n.c v nibpo to satisfy
n.c v tineminco to be satisfied (intransitive)
n.c v badsmeuni to be unneccessary
n.c v neunnani to be related; to be associated
n.c v nomdom to deal with related entities
n.c a mekbu mutual; reciprocated


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n ceuni time
n.c n tuma past
n.c n demo nonpast
n.c n miconu future
n.c n geupmut hour
n.c n mub minute
n.c n poppeds second
n.c n mi instant
n.c n nedni day
n.c n momup sunrise; dawn
n.c n gezi morning
n.c n demebeu noon
n.c n mocicic afternoon
n.c n teun dusk
n.c n nemoni twilight
n.c n mebi sunset
n.c n ninobiti moonrise; first visible moon
n.c n kimtudsi evening
n.c n condi night csukescondi
n.c n csukescondi midnight half (csukes); night (condi)
n.c n pidin yesterday
n.c n teneuci today
n.c n ninopeu tomorrow
n.c n ceuthotu week
n.c n nemit month
n.c n dsunmi spring
n.c n meumeds summer
n.c n bupic autumn
n.c n thibi winter
n.c n nigmeut season
n.c n demnop year
n.c n nenat six years; celestial year
n.c n nonecim 100 years; century
n.c n bopuk 216 years; celestial century
n.c n sibdeu 1296 years; 216 celestial years; age
n.c n dimepo 46656 years; 7776 celestial years; epoch
n.c n bamne era
n.c n madsibit forever; eternal
n.c n mommen everlasting; endless
n.c n bidsmun oppurtunity
n.c n peupa repetition; instance
n.c n teteuce schedule
n.c n bettat hurry; rush
n.c n monon timekeeping device
n.c n ginbep late
n.c n pekeum early
n.c n comeutut punctual; timely
n.c n menibi delay
n.c n qocone sudden; immediate
n.c n moci length of time
n.c n miko short length of time
n.c n mineu long length of time
n.c n mekdeu interval of time
n.c n neuttun phase
n.c n puddeu new; untarnished; fresh puddeuneub
n.c n bedmi old; tarnished
n.c n nimeug temporary
n.c n deudi permanent


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n pitneu event
n.c n tipo action
n.c n migetin coincidence
n.c n deu effect
n.c n butimbi chance; luck; fate
n.c n nimube accident
n.c n nebin disaster; epic tragedy
n.c n gemone relief; reprieve; rest
n.c n dseco beginning
n.c n tikna ending; completion
n.c n minipi cycle; repetition
n.a n dsok cycle
n.c n cupbeu habit
n.c n doti frequency
n.c v nisep to take place
n.c v begimi to allow to happen
n.c v mithme to perform in a specific way over a period of time; to fare
n.c v pinu to plan
n.c v qis to cause
n.c v macma to arrange
n.c v mono to affect
n.c v keumibi to lead to; to entail
n.c v meunet to begin meunetdsine
n.c v maceup to continue; to persist maceupdsine
n.c v puds to end pudzine
n.c v meg to finish
n.c v nanedsi to prevent
n.c v bimim to repeat
n.c v batpa to resume
n.c a mobkeuk rare
n.c a moninte infrequent
n.c a mepeupet frequent
n.c a nedseni regular
n.c a mumig constant
n.c a muqi intermittent
n.c a dide continuous state
n.c a beti continuous action
n.c a micz habitual
n.c a pimud lasting only for a certain time
n.c a bini consisting of repetitions
n.c a ceumeu repeatedly


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n pitmibo power; capacity
n.c n nimtap goal; target; objective
n.c n megib function; role
n.c n pomko plan
n.c n seum power; energy; force
n.c n gem effort
n.c n gimethmi challenge
n.c n dsanemu stress
n.c n tojciduz efficiency harvest (toj); efficient (ciduz)
n.c n nimbew danger; peril
n.c n tekeubin risk
n.c n dinme adventure; journey
n.c n binidsni trials; tribulation
n.c n cipinmi woe
n.c n csomim force; compulsion
n.c v pani to be able to pethupani
n.c v cotheu to work
n.c v kinnun to try; to attempt
n.c v pekis to accept work; to shoulder
n.c v demimuno to bear responsibility; to stand for something
n.c v pipeceu to endure; to last
n.c v binu to compel; to make
n.c v pamat to test; to try; to verify
n.c v duneun to succeed; to accomplish
n.c v netibpoti to excel
n.c v mennop to fail
n.c v tanopen to fail miserably; legendary failure of grievous consequences
n.c a pethupani capable not dead (pethu); to be able to (pani)
n.c a deneu incompetent
n.c a tomu useful
n.c a dsegeu pointless; useless
n.c a ciduz efficient tojciduz
n.c a menib easy
n.c a tuneu difficult
n.c a meudik dangerous
n.c a petpaj safe; secure


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n bepop space; extent; expanse
n.c n mimtim interval; gap
n.c n nugiki location; place
n.c n putam center
n.c n thumpi side
n.c n pelgi left
n.c n macsu right
n.c n qam front
n.c n meumma back
n.c n cset top
n.c n momo bottom
n.c n bamin face
n.c n tameqeu surface
n.c n mon outsides
n.c n cuc insides
n.c n pemu direction
n.c n dsineu south
n.c n bapuk west
n.c n cinna north
n.c n minin east
n.c n nomads height
n.c n gemmo distance
n.c n duko vertical
n.c n nidson horizontal
n.c n pocbin oblique; slanting
n.c n neutmico parallel
n.c n tunun perpendicular
n.c v meunci to be situated on
n.c v ponibik to lie on; to rest on
n.c v tameupi to protrude
n.c v gizi to lurk; to loom
n.c v pumi to incline
n.c v mimemop to extend
n.c a tan high
n.c a nam low
n.c a mem near
n.c a cu far


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n mecids size
n.c n bemin length
n.c n minbi thickness
n.c n pi width
n.c n teunan depth
n.c n beupin height
n.c n noneu area
n.c n ma volume
n.c n nebumi extent
n.c n pu sum; added amount
n.c n nodsum amount (can be arbitrary)
n.c n mimbanni number (specific)
n.c n czenuneu measure
n.c n tetimi rate
n.c n thi ratio
n.c n neqi lack; scarcity
n.c n buta weight
n.c n bomim rigidity
n.c n di strength
n.c v teunibeu to extend
n.c v tipibon to measure
n.c v taqi to increase
n.c v putdi to decrease
n.c v minpun to exceed
n.c v mucnik to abound
n.c v badom to fall short
n.c v dsike to weigh
n.c a de big
n.c a ceu small
n.c a pimime extremely small
n.c a neubnu extremely big
n.c a dam long
n.c a tep short
n.c a midam thick
n.c a nomi thin
n.c a mob wide
n.c a keup narrow
n.c a tinu deep
n.c a bibeu shallow
n.c a bupo tall
n.a a cike tall
n.c a csup short
n.c a mocin vast
n.c a meni cramped
n.c a ceuto square
n.c a metimeu circular
n.c a capabnu cubic
n.c a cimud much amount
n.c a memi little amount
n.c a pinnib accurate
n.c a ceutamobi sufficient; satisfactory
n.c a deso heavy
n.c a cuna light
n.c a bus rigid; firm
n.c a mebo solid; of substance
n.c a modit shaky
n.c a meunat loose
n.c a peunmo flexible
n.c a nim strong
n.c a cimbi weak

Weights and MeasuresEdit

Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n bim object; item; thing
n.c n mimba contents
n.c n bommi part; piece; member; component
n.c n minpe scrap
n.c n dsenadsmo element; ingredient
n.c n minmimeu division
n.c n thenno segment
n.c n mamma barrel
n.c n pupi counting envelope; spherical clay pot
n.c n temi bucket
n.c n dsumimep cage
n.c n mactompi backpack
n.c n memente satchel
n.c n benpo pocket
n.c n nanapo box
n.c n beubmeu drawer
n.c n nigpin sack; bag; pack
n.c n mimedbo chest; trunk
n.c n mino jar
n.c n meukeud sheath
n.c n neumub quiver
n.c n mini basket
n.c n namip pile
n.c n qoni lump; mess
n.c n makpi collection; group
n.c n nagimdi padding
n.c v nim to contain
n.c v ninceuba to divide
n.c v dsupdso to let loose; to release
n.c v tin to open
n.c v cegi to close
n.c v keubdsot to lock
n.c v dseundu to unlock
n.c v pep to pack orderly
n.c v qinme to stuff
n.c v noteum to fill
n.c a neupon full
n.c a mikep empty
n.c a mag crowded
n.c a peu vacant

Shape and FormEdit

Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n tekon form; outline; shape
n.c n geunin rim
n.c n nima corner
n.c n meme side
n.c n meucec edge
n.c n metpippi limit; brim
n.c n gi point
n.c n ninbeu line
n.c n pinmap cross
n.c n pinonim square
n.c n mebpeune diamond
n.c n gimbeunin triangle
n.c n bebeu circle
n.c n nimtemen ring
n.c n nopo curve
n.c n gipu cube
n.c n nin block
n.c n nobe pyramid
n.c n menu sphere
n.c n mocon dome
n.c n dicud ball
n.c n cisi spot; mark
n.c n medetni knot
n.c n nimge lump
n.c n pupina beam
n.c n metuppe stick; pole; rod
n.c n qeupnen thread; wire; string
n.c n mapmi cord; small rope; belt
n.c n mebib staff
n.c n panim peg
n.c n numeum hook
n.c n dsikeup post; stake
n.c n teti band; strip; ribbon
n.c n gaco column
n.c n bon row
n.c n decsdin platform; level; stage
n.c n budpa hulk
n.c n betcameu cover; shell; skin
n.c n minobobbi stopper
n.c n csinoc flaw; wrinkle; crack
n.c n nenpok hole
n.c n beno bend
n.c n baz stain
n.c n cem groove
n.c n dseuppi link
n.c n mitogep net; web
n.c n senin chain
n.c a qimticozgi infinite
n.c a pepemi round
n.c a beug curved
n.c a thibuk hollow
n.c a nibi protruding
n.c a bicdsot flat
n.c a nipim lumpy
n.c a pimpi straight
n.c a dabme bent
n.c a monpeun twisty


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n meuntha color; hue
n.c n nameu darkness; density of color
n.c n keumin red
n.c n puneuc orange
n.c n neubat yellow
n.c n mibom green
n.c n tumeut blue
n.c n duteu purple
n.c n donto white
n.c n medpet gray
n.c n bodsip black
n.c n nampi rose; pink
n.c n boqot brown
n.c v mithun to fade
n.c a qimmon polychromatic
n.c a midam dark
n.c a piti light

Physical ActionsEdit

Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n napmep blow; impact; punch
n.c n denbeubeu chaos
n.c n dsutep overhang
n.c n dempit knot
n.c v nateumi to touch; to poke; to rub
n.c v bono to punch; to touch harshly
n.c v tepu to push
n.c v numi to pinch; to squeeze; to crush
n.c v nuk to hold
n.c v meci to pull; to tug
n.c v medpe to put; to lay/set down; to stick; to frame
n.c v pinami to juxtapose
n.c v teumtom to arrange; to straighten; to set in order; to clean up
n.c v menmico to separate; to sequester
n.c v neucci to displace
n.c v pepomi to dissarange; to scramble
n.c v ganeuq to switch; to replace
n.c v page to set in order; to unfold
n.c v nimim to precede
n.c v meugit to follow; to be next
n.c v tinnu to search; to seek
n.c v nundsi to find; to discover
n.c v tammit to lose
n.c v binsinnez to deform; to bend; to fold
n.c v mimo to tear; to rip
n.c v neni to break (intransitive)
n.c v cethnu to break; to break off
n.c v minep to cut; to chop; to sever; to split
n.c v meudeun to pierce; to prick
n.c v widsmu to dig; to tunnel
n.c v kondseuti to bury
n.c v mekeune to wind; to coil; to wrap; to bandage
n.c v momom to peel; to shell; to strip; to unwrap; to unroll
n.c v nuseub to throw; to hurl; to fling
n.c v qobamim to pelt
n.c v beunide to prepare
n.c v metedsim to abuse
n.c v ceuddameum to renew; to rennovate
n.c v qeuneu to copy
n.c v diq to destroy
n.c v mintiz to waste; to ruin
n.c v pibitib to suspend; to hang
n.c v pemnenip to include
n.c v bed to bear a load
n.c v mence to lean; to incline
n.c v ceudsmeu to surround
n.c v weumeb to unite; to attach; to join; to sew; to tie; to fasten; to link
n.c v kec to bind; to restrain
n.c v penpid to mix
n.c v bem to add
n.c v pethti to remove; to subtract
n.c v kitneu to untie; to unfasten; to disunite
n.c v bimkeu to stick together; to glue
n.c a podimec subsequent
n.c a meteuno disordered; messy; sloppy
n.c a pigunbem fragile
n.c a gicot tight
n.c a mebun loose
n.c a nemmu sticky


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n mimeb course; route
n.c n nipnob way; passage
n.c n beucim path; trail
n.c n ketpupmum source; place of origin
n.c n nino destination
n.c n betids address
n.c n naneuthinim limitation; restraint
n.c n danopma speed
n.c n nutpim wagon; carriage
n.c n midbe caravan
n.c n mena sled
n.c n camugu cart; wheelbarrow
n.c v binmu to move
n.c v pibidsek to venture; to journey with specific purpose
n.c v cotemnum to journey
n.c v neugto to explore; to wander
n.c v meutgu to travel
n.c v pipnu to go; to depart; to leave; to exit
n.c v tomi to forego; to go without
n.c v numebu to set out from
n.c v dsi to abandon; to leave
n.c v meuken to advance
n.c v mepeus to retreat
n.c v geubo to guide
n.c v meth to direct; to give directions
n.c v czenud to get lost
n.c v peuqebni to come; to arrive; to reach; to attain
n.c v tuki to enter
n.c v neumobme to stop; to halt; to camp
n.c v tipmicni to pause
n.c v dsudsceu to return; to turn back
n.c v neupeu to spread
n.c v ton to pass; to cross
n.c v dode to miss
n.c v dapi to follow
n.c v mimethim to withdraw
n.c v mebads to pursue; to chase
n.c v bidneud to catch
n.c v cipun to escape; to flee
n.c v qeumo to rescue; to save
n.c v gatodeu to unleash
n.c v kipma to turn
n.c v coneni to turn around
n.c v bumti to swing
n.c v tideut to spin
n.c v mekeu to roll
n.c v peumeq to rotate
n.c v bicmem to twist
n.c v tindeu to vibrate; to flutter; to shake; to shudder; to tremble; to wiggle
n.c v benpi to rush; to hurry
n.c v tinene to dawdle; to be slow
n.c v noco to climb; to ascend
n.c v pubpe to rise
n.c v nogme to raise
n.c v nilo to descend; to climb down
n.c v miti to fall; to drop; to tumble; to be knocked down
n.c v dsempi to jump; to bounce
n.c v gimik to land
n.c v ken to walk
n.c v babod to march; to parade
n.c v mamita to stroll
n.c v tinip to pace
n.c v ninze to run
n.c v gapen to stumble
n.c v netpip to stretch
n.c v bopime to swim
n.c v monke to crawl
n.c v dit to slip
n.c v bonino to circle
n.c v memitim to drag
n.c v mowmim to slink
n.c v qenpeu to squirm
n.c a micdeuscu movable
n.c a com of shaky movement
n.c a tomnub slow
n.c a kimkim fast; quick


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n peusepe grant; receipt
n.c n mideu burden; freight; cargo
n.c n pathipe garbage; scrap
n.c v cimeu to give
n.c v cebnids to distribute
n.c v dsimno to reciprocate; to give back
n.c v peupindsi to release
n.c v midsomi to gift
n.c v nenimib to carry
n.c v tucib to deliver
n.c v menoq to fetch; to bring
n.c v dipmi to ferry
n.c v mobteup to take
n.c v dopeup to gather; to receive
n.c v pipeut to grasp
n.c v binon to remove; to steal
n.c v nikedeneu to draw lots
n.c v bidsce to win; to gain; to acquire; to get
n.c v timmeu to discard
n.c v nitnunci to have; to possess
n.c v pimat to return; to replace
n.c v kibu to regain; to get back
n.c v pitdit to order; to send for
n.c v bonne to send
n.c v benamibi to reserve for
n.c a petepob available



Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n meummo reality
n.c n pet nature
n.c n tebthim the cosmos
n.c n guni sky
n.c n ceutpim zenith
n.c n qimenigi nadir; disaster
n.c n bimikeu eclipse
n.c n numim star; fixed light
n.c n mennic constellation
n.c n meunba nebula
n.c n ninki planet; regular moving light
n.c n nummo comet; meteor
n.c n ceti moon
n.c n tidseg sun
n.a n qoja sun
n.c n thadse the world; earth
n.c n bima ground; surface of earth
n.c n dsotmam underground
n.c n penem cavern
n.c n budimeu earthquake
n.c n mimto plain
n.c n pitobpin savannah
n.c n nebmi desert
n.c n macumeu meadow
n.c n cinibi forest
n.c n nebkipeu jungle
n.c n bebeni marsh
n.c n peumpeubo wilderness
n.c n nibtup hill
n.c n seup mountain
n.a n gog mountain
n.c n denon plateau
n.c n pocido volcano
n.c n padeutti mountain range
n.c n bonneum valley
n.c n pemtum canyon; abyss
n.c n mukeub cliff
n.c n cidneci ditch
n.c n neleni river
n.c n bumqobti torrent
n.c n bid stream; brook
n.c n supmi ford
n.c n demeumin channel
n.c n meubipeu riverbank
n.c n mekmineu spring; source
n.c n nittimin confluence
n.c n deupcod delta
n.c n binnin rapids
n.c n ceumeum sea
n.c n meupondu lake
n.c n bekob pond
n.c n beunobco strait
n.c n dimpib puddle
n.c n kinime bay
n.c n mappi coast
n.c n bandupep peninsula
n.c n meccop cape
n.c n thippo island
n.c n seupeumone archipelago
n.c n neugno beach
n.c v pene to rise in the sky
n.c v dinbeuth to set in the sky
n.c v bucs to meander
n.c a nidsoneu natural; of nature
n.c a nibithmim global; universal
n.c a semthizni celestial; of the sky
n.c a mupeteki earthly; of the earth
n.c a nenpen steep
n.c a nabteun of the mountain; of the hill
n.c a kenun riverine; of the river
n.c a bunomeu marine; of the sea
n.c a gonniko coastal; of the coast


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n kidsmi weather
n.c n nubo heat
n.c n duni cold
n.c n midadpe fog
n.c n dekbi hail
n.c n teumbeu mist
f.c n csasej snow
f.c n ceuwad frost
n.c n miniba rain
n.c n menpedini shower
n.c n motammeb drought
n.c n kani storm
n.c n tenip hurricane; tornado
f.c n csizunow snowstorm; blizzard
n.c n qimut lightning
n.c n sopani thunder
n.c n madspeun rainbow
n.c n teteuti cloud
n.c n teul wind
n.c n geupmeub breeze
n.c v niminid to freeze
n.c v peumconacs to be fair of weather
n.c a dinpeuci chilly; cool
n.c a tadsni warm
n.c a dsinni hot
n.c a pegemip cloudy


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n noddeu clay tuwnoddeu
n.c n pecso kaolinite
n.c n citec smectite
n.c n zulla brick
n.c n zudsmena mortar
n.c n caqesqi tamped earth
n.c n kebi pot
n.c n neliwon porcelain
n.c n lonet cement
n.c n lathak glaze
n.c n dsol tile
n.c n wowids paving
n.c n czazpet gravel
n.c n tacsuth concrete
n.c n bine ashes
n.c n ceubpad soot
n.c n cedcobis soda ash
n.c n csocz potash
n.c n dsasu crust
n.c n suthas rust
n.c n czul saltpeter
n.c n czeukec powder wazczeukec
n.c n wizano sand
n.c n medscza glass
n.c n mizweuka sulfur
n.c n pomeudso dust
n.c n wazczeukec black powder; gunpowder fire (waz); powder (czeukec)
n.c n denes talc
n.c n kadqeus kohl
n.c n silec gypsum
n.c n kopu calx
n.c n czudzutdi lime
n.c n teumeuzago white arsenic
n.c n qislubbi mercuric oxide
n.c n dsodku coke
n.c n ceseu white lead
n.c n geuczqeu lead oxide
n.c n godal salt
n.c n csiban smelling salts
n.c n czeuki epsom salts
n.c n liwibeu sal ammoniac
n.c n zapkam cream of tartar
n.c n laweuth natron
n.c n neupikpoz borax
n.c n czothokkek blue vitriol
n.c n zeumob alum
n.c n qeuseu soil; earth
n.c n wuze loess
n.c n csisub mud
n.c n kazog slime
n.c n csikkeu bitumen; coal tar
n.c n lasagto tar
n.c n sipak pitch
n.c n suq phosphorous
n.c n muzqolaqad bismuth oxide
n.c n dosukeu rock tuwdosukeu
n.c n zibco stone; human handled rock
n.c n pilci orpiment
n.c n qem limestone; chalk
n.c n meugde graphite
n.c n dezuseu molybdenite
n.c n poneq cinnabar
n.c n kiztenu realgar
n.c n tamkeumo slate
n.c n csiptegag pyrite
n.c n zagodsa galena
n.c n beutsam coal
n.c n cziqa bismuthinite
n.c n waqo grey antimony
n.c n dotku magnet
n.c n mutidipu calamine
n.c n waczigtod litharge
n.c n cilso marble
n.c n weczeudke soapstone
n.c n thadsocsu flint
n.c n czomule sphalerite
n.c n mobe charcoal
n.c n sethaszeth tinstone
n.c n pogiweu jewel
n.c n cose sapphire
n.c n quneuleu turquoise
n.c n kebthic malachite
n.c n catmu arsenic
n.c n duce ruby
n.c n mocso jade
n.c n kimu quartz
n.c n wiseuk lapis lazuli
n.c n theubedeuth pyrolusite
n.c n celci feldspar
n.c n thibapo amethyst
n.c n csuno emerald
n.c n zumqal zircon
n.c n seuteud diamond
n.c n bakto amber
n.c n gecsus metal tuwgecsus
n.c n dikaqu ore
n.c n zowas silver
n.c n kogseu bismuth
n.c n czakiw copper
n.c n lakadad mercury
n.c n zulecsuc platinum
n.c n qegkoc cobalt
n.c n litto nickel
n.c n dadsacco zinc
n.c n luqsog antimony
n.c n tusuth iron
n.c n batho steel
n.c n thengow brass
n.c n qazow cobaltite
n.c n bikucsgo niccolite
n.c n wothun gold
n.c n csawo lead
n.c n sathidseud pewter
n.c n zithecsal bronze
n.c n titqo tin
n.c n zeges wolfram
n.c n waz fire wazczeukec; tuwwaz
n.c n thoczu spark
n.c n qenneu smoke
n.c n guke flame
n.c n keuds puff
n.c n ci air tuwci
n.c n datthas gas
n.c n nacdso scum; foam
n.c n dudu bubble
n.c n tebge wood tuwtebge
n.c n loq rubber
n.c n zabig starch
n.c n woth wax
n.c n neudti glue
n.c n sudseu fat
n.c n weweteu opium
n.c n tepo sap
n.c n kawecs dregs
n.c n csutcow soap
n.c n zatideu resin
n.c n peusi varnish
n.c n csusu straw
n.c n weumanew cork
n.c n papupe lacquer
n.c n dilceul gelatine
n.c v sonesthu to mine
n.c v pedcim to refine
n.c v gagebop to gild
n.c v dset to burn
n.c v buktip to blaze; to flare
n.c v qawo to scorch
n.c v dsukucta to effervesce
n.c a tuwnoddeu clayish; earthy unknown (tuw); clay (noddeu)
n.c a tuwdosukeu rocky unknown (tuw); rock (dosukeu)
n.c a tuwgecsus metallic unknown (tuw); metal (gecsus)
n.c a tuwwaz fiery unknown (tuw); fire (waz)
n.c a tuwci airy unknown (tuw); air (ci)
n.c a tuwtebge woody unknown (tuw); wood (tebge)


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n domi water tuwdomi
n.c n tuwdomi liquid; waterlike unknown (tuw); water (domi)
n.c n peubastipeu aqua ammonia
n.c n nobonneug oil of vitriol
n.c n cipteuneut acidum salis
n.c n beupibini corrosive sublimate
n.c n dsimomeuds petroleum
n.c n nateuto lye
n.c n nipqemmeu aqua fortis
n.c n gonpi brine
n.c n notin dew
n.c n pibadto alcohol
n.c n bon steam
n.c n kid ice
n.c n nutpob solvent
n.c n memima solute
n.c n pedo outlet
n.c n cenceu channel
n.c n munka wave
n.c n netce whirlpool
n.c n tipon dam
n.c n bebimi gutter
n.c n tumbim boat
n.c n negibi warship
n.c n mimibnic barge
n.c n deuncin galley
n.c n komiki trireme three (ko); to row (miki)
n.c n thimip fleet
n.c n binne stern
n.c n mibib bow
n.c n dsikeu mast
n.c n mikidog anchor
n.c n bemni deck
n.c n pacspe rudder
n.c n qumni hold
n.c n nop tiller
n.c n deubakpe sail
n.c n bebbim oar
n.c n nimgu keel
n.c v monin to boil water; to boil liquid
n.c v dseg to boil water with food; to boil liquid with solid
n.c v minni to absorb
n.c v gomepo to melt
n.c v mindsit to dissolve
n.c v beuki to flow
n.c v mendit to splash
n.c v meum to drip
n.c v cub to run
n.c v ticip to pour; to gush
n.c v pubmo to overflow
n.c v pinon to swim
n.c v dsano to float
n.c v memunen to dive
n.c v mupi to immerse; to sink
n.c v medib to drown
n.c v papeuni to soak
n.c v nagigom to clean; to wash
n.c v temo to wipe
n.c v dutonpi to pollute
n.c v teden to draw off; to pour
n.c v qisib to spill
n.c v bimom to pump
n.c v kenip to capsize
n.c v miki to row
n.c v pimodso to steer
n.c v sipeub to dock
n.c v monadi to embark
n.c a beczeu wet
n.c a zimi moist
n.c a metbic dry
n.c a peubud dirty; filthy; foul
n.c a deumenne nasty; smelly

The Life ProcessEdit

Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.a n pethu not dead negative polarity (pe); dead (thu)
f.a n thu dead pethu


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.a n coku dog
n.c n kolo horse; equine load bearer


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation

The BodyEdit

Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation

Sensory ExperienceEdit

Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation



Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c n jaleu superior; important


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation



Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation

Social InteractionEdit

Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.a n czi formality


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.a v csek to wound


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation

Love and MarriageEdit

Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation

Rural LifeEdit

Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.a n toj time of harvest


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation



Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.a n qut shrine


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation

Art and CultureEdit

Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation


Ety. Cls. Entry Meaning Composition Derivation
n.c a dakup all
n.c a cseunat some
n.c a cizi no
n.c a dadhe few
n.c a teulo many (more than ten)
n.c a kugeuj even
n.c a wuwu odd
n.c a csukes half csukescondi
n.c a tazedeu quarter
n.c a beukas double
n.c a cotuw paired

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