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Ðulensprech, Thulensprech in English. Is a germanic style conlang started in the early summer of 2008. It is a fairly simple language though it has a few things that could be a little confusing--for example, its sentence structure.


The Alphabet/Des Loiturn *loy-turn*

A - Ah

B - Beh

C - Ceh

D - Dehy

Ð - Eth *makes a "TH" noise. as in the english word, think*

E - Eeh

F - Feh

G - Geh

H - Hah

I - igh *ig with a gutteral "h" sound*

J - Yak *in other words it makes the English "Y" sound*

K - Kah

L - Eel

M - Emm

N - Ehn

O - Oon

P - Peh

R - Ray

S - Seh

T - Teh

U - Yoo

V - Veh *pronoucned like F, unless at the end of the sentence then it's like an english "V"*

W - Weh *pronounced like V, unless at the end of the sentence then it's like an english "W"*

X - ixx *Cannot start a word*

Y - Ubeselon

Z - Zett

Vowel CombinationsEdit

Aa - makes a short "A" sound

Ae - makes a long "E" sound *represented by Ä*

Ai - makes a long "I" sound

Au - makes an "ow" sound as in the english word ouch.

Ee - makes a short "E" sound

Ei - makes a long "I" sound

Eo - makes a long "O" sound

Eu - makes an "oo" sound, as in the english word look

Ia - makes a short "A" sound

Ie - makes a long "E" sound

Ii - makes a short "I" sounds

Io - makes a long "E" sound immediately followed by a long "O" sound

Iu - makes an "ew" sound

Ue - makes a gutteral "U" sound sound like the german "Ü", it is also represented by that letter.

Word OrderEdit

the following is the formula for word order in the Ðulzensprech language:

[Direct Object][Negation][Subject][Time Phrase][Rest]

eg. sentence in English:

My cousin Jack ran down to the store at 5 o'clock.

eg. engligh sentence with Ðulzen pattern:

Jack ran my cousin at 5 o'clock down to the store.


I - Ið *short I sound with a "th" at the end*

You - Eu *oo*

He - Eg *ee-g*

She - Ev *eh-v*

It - Het

We - Ja *Yay*

You *plural* - Eun

They/Them - Eun

to be = bünter

Ið bünt

Eu bünts

Eg,Ev,Het i'Bünter *the "I" makes a short "I" sound*

Ja bunter

Eun bünter

to have = haffer *irregular*

Ið haff

Eu haffes

Eg,Ev,Het i'Haffer

Ja haffer

Eun haffer

to go = geðin

Ið geði

Eu geði

Eg,Ev,Het i'Geðin

Ja geðin

Eun geðin

to can = Künter

Ið künt

Eu künts

Eg,Ev,Het i'Künter

Ja kunter

Eun - Künter

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