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Noun ListEdit

English Tomeko
case yafd- (m.)
child tiek- (f.)
company aktpêk- (m.)
country opuś- (f.)
day ńōs- (m.)
family jápek- (m.)
group hūkêt- (m.)
hand uótokēp- (f.)
life yôj- (m.)
man kqit- (m.)
part nógóq- (f.)
person soś- (m.)
place tûox- (f.)
problem ńát- (m.)
school źad- (m.)
state hóqōs- (f.)
student phaten- (f.)
system zêźīk- (f.)
thing lap- (m.)
time qet- (m.)
way yâbōk- (f.)
week jóćēm- (f.)
woman kiter- (f.)
world máok- (m.)
year ćetóg- (f.)

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