Qote tos Dolriades (litterally "language of the Dolriads"), or isiDolriades, is the language of the Dolriades living in the world of Farandosÿa.

Phonology Edit

The alphabet is as follows:

Vowels Consonants Pronunciation Writing
a A, α

b b B, β
c l Θ, θ

d d Δ, δ
e, æ E, ε

f f Φ, φ

g g Γ, γ

h h Η, η
i, j I, ι

k k K, κ

l l Λ, λ

m m M, μ

n n N, ν
o O, o

p p Π, π
q ǂ Ϙ, ϙ

r r P, ρ

s s Σ, σ/ς

t t T, τ
u Y, υ
v v Y, υ

x II Χ, χ
z z Z, ζ

The corresponding IPA table is:

Labial Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Plosive p, b t, d k, g
Nasal m n ŋ
Fricative f, v s, z h
Trill r
Approximant l j
Clicks ǀ ǂ
Lateral clicks ll

The three clicks c, x and q correspond to Ancient Greek θ (th), χ (kh), and κλ/γλ (kl/gl) respectively. Thus, calata (from Θάλασσα, the sea), xiro (from χείρ, hand) and qote (from γλῶττα, tongue).

Substantives & Articles Edit

There is no gender. Nouns are declined according to case and number. The definite article is needed to represent the case, while the plural is indicated by a -s after the noun. The following table shows the inflection of the substantive antu ("living being", "person"):

Singular Plural
Nominative to antu to antus
Accusative ton antu ton antus
Dative toi antu toi antus
Genitive tos antu tos antus

To is the definite article "the", yet it can be used in any context to show the role of the following noun. Compare:

To ankes antus bafile ton kuwones. Ton ankes antus bafile to kuwones.
All humans like dogs. Dogs like all humans.

It can be omitted, yet is needed to clarify when confusion is possible.

Noun classes Edit

There are, as in Zulu, some classes, yet they are less extensively used and mainly serve distinctive purposes.

Prefix Class Examples
umu- living things (humans, animals, plants) umukuwon ("dog"), umudendron ("tree"), umuNgisi ("Englishman")
ama- country inhabitants, ethnicities, collectives amaNgisi ("the English"), amaEwuropa ("Europeans")
isi- languages isiNgisi ("English"), isiDolriades ("Dolriadian")
ubu- abstract concepts, -ity, -ness etc. ubuwantu ("humanity"), ubuNgisi ("Englishness")
uku- infinitive class ukuwantu ("to be human"), ukuhamba ("to go"), ukuNgisi ("to make English")

These prefixes are facultative (as are the articles), and only used to distinguish (e.g. umuwantu - ubuwantu). Thus:

Adjectives Edit

The adjectives are declined exactly as the nouns. They precede it, go between the noun and the article if there is any, and the ending of the adjective is always identical to that of the noun it goes along with. Thus:

Toi melata kuwon "to the black dog", tos melatas kuwones "of the black dogs", etc.

Personal Pronouns Edit

1 ps. sg. 2 ps. sg. 3 ps. sg. 1 ps. pl. 2 ps. pl. 3 ps. pl.
Nominative ngi(to) tu(to) u(to) si(to) ni(to) ba(to)
Accusative ngiton tuton uton siton niton baton
Dative ngitoi tutoi utoi sitoi nitoi batoi
Genitive ngitos tutos utos sitos nitos batos

Verbs Edit

An example with the verb file ("like"):

Infinitive Present/Past Participle Present Past Future
ukufile nufile/mafile

(declined as an adjective)



















Negative verbs are built by adding a- in front of them and transforming the last letter to -i at the end of them. Thus, ngifile ("I like") --> angifili ("I don't like").

Prepositions Edit

All prepositions demand dative.

amfi "around", "about" apo "of, from" nosfi "except", "apart from"
uper "on", "above" axi "until", "so far as" para "beside", "by", "near"
anewu "without" dia "through" peri "around"
anti "against", "opposed to" ecos "out of", "out" pro "for", "before", "in front of"
en "in" epi "at", "after" sun "with", "beside"
kata "downwards", "into" meta "between", "amongst" upo "under", "beneath"

Adverbs Edit

Adverbs are formed by adding a -te to an adjective.

Syntax Edit

Qote is SVO, i.e. Subject-Verb-Object.

Word list Edit

Dolriades Qote English
qote language
ukufile to like
ukuqote to speak
antu human
Farandosia Farandosÿa
melata black
maqisutera master/mistress
ukudora to give
xarata card, map
leuka white
kuwon dog

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