Transport (Mobbèl)


Lorry - Haraca

Motorcycle - MotorSiccelèr

Bus- AutoFaèn

Train- AutoPlereiin

Plane- Ayflyt

Bike- Crem

Ferry- Verxud

Taxi- Injeeldes


Apple- Reddes

Banana- Klaa

Coconut- Kakanat

Dates- Curmè

Endive - Xazuinne

Fig - Curgella On Arabę

Grape - Curgella

Honeydew - Mailloneppris

Icecream - Kriim Selovjak

Juice - Nutyr

Kernelm- Qornique

Lemon- Laaamon

Mango- Manjeu

Orange- Uranjje

Plum- Hewerque

Quince- Curgella Batakillo

Raspberry- Curgella Hatme

Straw berry- Curgella Maroone

Tungerish Apple - Redes du Tunger

Ugli- Ryom

Voavanga - Fongxa

Watermelon - Maillon

Xigua - Esqua

Yellow Melon- Maillon Krayyn

Zucchini- Xuig


Red- Maroone

Blue - Bayyouè

Green- Nill

Yellow - Krayyn

Putple- Vielaet

Pink - Yorl Maroone

black- Horm

White- Krimew

Brown- Hatme

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