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Twelve Maidens' Luminous Note ( Also known as Luminous Note or Maiden Note) is a fan made Hymmnos dialect.

It uses both the grammar and writing system as canon Standard Hymmnos, so please refer to the Hymmnos page linked above for reference..



Word Word Class Meaning
asa noun dust,ash
avezera adj possessed,taken over (normally used in the supernatural sense)


Word Word Class Meaning
bejgel noun/adj dirt,filth
bon noun candy,sugar,sweets


Word Word Class Meaning
campania noun bell
cellephia noun holy girl,priestess

(alternative meaning: virgin)

ceva noun,adj charity, charitable
colsye noun snowlight (light reflected by snow, especially

during the nighttime)

cosmia noun cosmetics,make-up


Word Word Class Meaning
diaslyn noun empress, heaven's queen
diasso noun prince
diathia noun/adj pink
dipika noun lamp,torch
dirad noun tree
distare adj far away,distant
divaya noun oasis,paradise
dreca noun clothes,clothing


Word Word Class Meaning
echo adj unattainable
encloa noun coccoon,chrysalis
enfal noun/adj patience,patiently
estra noun confusion
evam adverb present,right now, current state


Word Word Class Meaning
faule noun flock of birds
fayrit verb set on fire,set ablaze

(can be used both literally and figuratively:

"the sight set my heart ablaze" "they set fire to the village"

frawra noun bouquet
frawshellan noun flower garden
fwillure noun/adj fluff,fluffy


Word Word Class Meaning
gataul noun cake
gatyum noun devil,demon


Word Word Class Meaning
halon interjection hello,greetings
helos noun warrior,soldier,fighter


Word Word Class Meaning
infemia noun lover
invire E.S. II envy,jealousy
irushia noun/verb fantasy,fantasize



Word Word Class Meaning
kiransyl noun shooting star
kirashellan noun universe,outer space
kule E.S. II unease, wariness


Word Word Class Meaning
lastra noun brother
lelak noun/adj purple
lep noun lips
luchria noun/adj lust,lustful
lusyel noun morning
lusyeria noun scattered light
lusylan noun starlight
lusylia noun star


Word Word Class Meaning
makin noun machine
masye noun witch (female only. Used for magic users, not as an insult)
metafali adj full of hope,hopeful
mitha verb to join one's heart with another, to reveal one's soul to another person


Word Word Class Meaning
nadorre noun desert,wasteland
nanta noun/adj infinite, infinity
nath noun needle
neglez greed,greedy,greedily
nepa noun mist,fog
nephela noun cloud
nevara noun bride of god
nidola noun pendulum
nija noun rainbow


Word Word Class Meaning
orare noun oracle
orila verb play,frolic
Word Word Class Meaning
pabulim noun food,meal
pankea noun medicine,drug
patil E.S. II sympathy
peri noun medic,healer,doctor
phiram noun seedling
pirlia noun fairy
pixa noun box
platomine noun leader
prati interjection to part with hopes of seeing each other again

good bye

priya noun tender feelings,first love


Word Word Class Meaning
qorune noun crown


Word Word Class Meaning
revella noun/adj allure,alluring
revera noun/verb daydream
reyval noun singer
rhaplane noun/adj saint,saint-like
ryusa wander,lost,aimless


Word Word Class Meaning
sanctia noun temple,shrine,church,holy place
sari noun/verb cascade,cascading
sarta noun sister
sasha noun book
savacel verb break,shatter
savya E.S. II shy,timid,meek
seelen noun requiem
shela verb plant,sow
shelavata noun grove,orchard
slip noun shoe
solfe noun sunset
solfila noun sunbeam,rays of light
solmii noun sunrise
solpara noun umbrella
sopora noun lullaby
sorei noun weather
spria verb/noun blossom,sprout
suishe noun/adj crystal,crystalline
suspira noun/verb sigh
sympasye noun choir,voices joined together


Word Word Class Meaning
tabela noun message,letter
tabelita noun messanger
tepsia noun/verb festival dance,dance for the gods (wills)
tillula adj/verb sparkle,shine,twinkle
titilsye noun baby,infant (person)


Word Word Class Meaning
unne boredom,ennui


Word Word Class Meaning
varatern noun dowry
varsi noun rain (normally used for showers or light rains, not for storms)
vella verb swing,sway,rock
viam noun road,street,path
vivanta verb to dance and sing in delight


Word Word Class Meaning
weafil noun lunar cycle
wealia noun moonlight
wesye noun family


Word Word Class Meaning
xaafa noun stranger,foreigner (used in a friendly manner, not for enemies or invaders
xiizaa safe,secure


Word Word Class Meaning
yasgle noun/verb whisper
yasura adj serene,peaceful


Word Word Class Meaning
zaalz verb scream,cry out,yell
zodan noun/verb rot,decay
zodat adj rotten

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