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Bilabial Labiodental Dental Alveolar Palatal Velar Glottal
Nasal m n ɲ ŋ
Plosive p b t d c ɟ k g ʔ
Fricative f v θ ð s z x ɣ h ɦ
Approximant ʍ w
Trill r
Lateral Approx­imant l



Nouns end in -s. Here is a common declension:

singular plural singular plural singular plural
nominative reiks reikar waulfs weylfs bigs bigar
genitive reikas reikar waulfas weylfs bigas bigar
dative reika reikam waulfa weylfam biga bigam
accusative reiks reikar waulfs weylfs bigs bigar


A regular verb is shown below:

Singular Plural
ei þu ains particle weir geir þei particle
Indicative active
Present hoira hoirst hoirþ hoirþa hoiram hoirþ hoiranþ hoirþan
Imperfect hoirþa hoirþast hoirþa gahoirþ hoirþan hoirþaþ hoirþanþ gihoirþ
Indicative passive
Present hoirs hoirsts hoirs hoirþas hoirsam hoirs hoirsanþ hoirþans
Imperfect hoirþas hoirþasts hoirþas gahoirs hoirþans hoirþas hoirþans gihoirs
Subjunctive active
Present hoirar hoirarst hoirar hoirþar hoiran hoiran hoiran hoirþan
Imperfect hoirþar hoirþarst hoirþar gahoirþ hoirþan hoirþan hoirþan gihoirþ
Subjunctive passive
Present hoirars hoirarsts hoirars hoirþars hoirans hoirans hoirans hoirþans
Imperfect hoirþars hoirþarsts hoirþars gahoirs hoirþans hoirþans hoirþans gihoirs
Imperative active
- hoira, hoir - - hoiram hoirþ - -
Imperative passive
- hoirs - - hoirsam hoirs - -


Sample textEdit

Auns faeþars

Auns faeþars, þei in huymala isþ,
au naems gahailigs
aut reiks salþ koiman
Þun salst skeiþan aup aerþa als in huymala
Guyf auns heiþans aund auns daegaleikst broids
aund firguyf auns auns skulþs als weir firguybam aen anþars þeir skulþs
aund laid auns neit in banam
þog firlos auns quaþas
Soi was eit.

Telan ains beitaut teins

1. ains
2. twuys
3. þreis
4. feirs
5. feifs
6. seks
7. suyfs
8. agts
9. nuyns
10. teins

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