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Umbrean only use conjunctions for the purpose of putting multiple things togather, though it is somewhat rich in them non the less



Ydh is a noun clause connector, it can only be used between nouns or noun clauses.

Nëënül ydh döndiul loymaömevi = A rock and a tooth is falling


Ö is used to connect clauses of general form with one another

Enathösavy ö loymösavy = I sat and fell

In case of verbs one can use bare infinitive form on all but the final verb

Enath ö loymösavy = I sat and fell


This one is soley used with adjectives to indicate people of differens properties.

Aahsuvö ö tjygniuvö pognüudh = a person which is both black and young

Aahsuvö ëni tjygniuvö pognüudh = a black person and a young person



Dwiim is an exclusive or, meaning it can either be A or B but not both

Nëënüth dwiim döndiudh = a stoon or a tooth but not both


Loov is an inclusive or, meaning it can be A or B or both

Nëënüth loov döndiudh = a stoon or a tooth or both


Umbrean English Description
Ëni And Adjectives to descripe
individual things with
different properties
Ö And Clause connector
Ydh And Noun clause connector
Dwiim Or Exclusive or
Loov Or Inclusive or
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