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Modality expresses the neccesity and possibility of things, here we will go through how they are formed.

Name Umbrean English
Verb form Past Present Future
Ability/Availability Abilative could, was/were able to can, am/is/are able to will be able to
Requests Permissative ---- can, could, will, would
Permission could, was/were allowed to may, can, could, am/is/are allowed to will be allowed to
Possibility Possibilative may have, might have, could have may, might, could
Impossibility Possibilative + Negation couldn’t have couldn’t, can’t
Advisability Advisabilative should have, ought to have, had better have should, ought to, had better
Expectation Gerundive should have, ought to have should, ought to
Necessity had to must, have to, has to will have to
Lack of Necessity Gerundive + Negation didn’t have to don’t have to, doesn’t have to won’t have to
Prohibition Prohobatative could not must not, may not, cannot
Logical Deduction Gerundive must have, have to have, has to have must, have to, has to ----

The method which is used is on the chart to the right with english equialence and examples to the left, the tense/aspect is done like normally in umbrean verbs

to form modality of various sorts one uses a copula or do verb along with the Verb form as mentioned on the side to turn the verb into adjective or noun and then modifies it. lets give examples below.

Enathtjioyömööluth means "I must sit" or more literly "I am in a temporary state of having to sit". When applied in passive form one treats it simply as an adjective trying to be predicative form.

Novügnu döndikwuu nüëlömööluth means "I must punch the tooth" or more literly it means that you must do it so the tooth is in a must state of being punched. With transitive one uses teh same transformation on the main verb but uses it as an adjective (though lacking the declensions of real adjectives) and uses Nüël, which means similar to "do", nad it is used like a normal verb

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