Mathematic time now, how do they deal with numbers and various things?


Cardinal numbers are just ordinary numbers such as one, two three and so forth.

Numbers between 0 and 11 are all individual numbers as they deal with a base 12 math. When you reach their 10, or for us 12, you would simply say "one zero", but they are said as one word, "gnulmikhs" as it is fused into one single unit and treated as such. But this is of course only with the base. When you use it on nouns it must agree with the gender of the noun which overlap with the gender vowel for ordinary cardinal numbers.

  • Döndiu = Tooth
  • Gnulu döndiudh = One tooth
  • Gnulmikhsu dönduil = 12 teeth


Ordinal numbers deals with in which order they come, first, second, third, fourth, fifth and so on.

There are nothing unique about these in umbrean as there are no special cases for for example first, second or third. They agree with the gender of the noun

  • Döndiu = Tooth
  • Gnulun döndiudh = First tooth
  • Gnulmikhsun döndiudh = 12th tooth


Multile numbers are where you multiple something (hence name), twice, thrice, quadrople/four times and so on.

This is where Umbrean starts differing from english more. English only got to at best "thrice" as a real native multiple word but Umbrean can do it for any number. Again it agrees with gender

  • Döndiu = Tooth
  • Gnulupjü dönduil = 1 time as many teeth
  • Gnulmikhsupjü dönduil = 12 times as many teeth

As you can see "times as many" is included in the meaning of the suffix used. If one wants to say "twice as many teeth than Y" it would be rendered as "Y lifupjü dönduil"


Fractals are numbers like Half, Quarter, one third and so on.

In umbrean how to deal with these and their variety is quite different from english. For starters do they ahve their own complete set of suffixes, again agreeing to the nouns gender, rather than english usage of ordinal form. You might notice an Ordinal form is used but it means something else here which comes soon.

  • Döndiu = Tooth
  • Gnulun Livgnu döndiudh = First Half of a tooth
  • Gnulun Gnulmihzgnu döndiudh = One twelveth tooth

That is just unit fraction, 1/X. but for partial fractions such as two thirds one would say it as "one third times 2".

  • Gnulun ävgnu lifupjü döndiudh = two third tooth, one third times two teeth

The next part is the trickiest which is the Ordinal one you saw at first. The ordinal number tells what level it is. For example first half is 1/2 but second half is not 2/2 but 3/2 or 1,5. Third half is 5/2 and so on.

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