• Akvii

    Language Change

    I was studying language change and variation today in Linguistics and thought it would be a great idea to put some of my lecture notes on here so those who were interested could leanr, but I don't know how to upload files that are not images, and typing it all takes a long time, so that was an epic fail. I will leave this here in case i scan the docs and upload them, or unless someone has any ideas.


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  • Akvii

    Hey everyone, I know some of you, me especially, may be very strict about giving out personal details, however I was just wondering where everyone came from, country wise? I am from downunder in Australia. Also I just wanted to know because no one seems to be online when I am, which can sometimes be annoying.

    Does anyone here, except myself and Zelos, speak more than one language? I asume there would be a few of us.

    It would be good to find out when the majority of us are online as then we can get some real discussion between everyone going about conlangs (as nothing is better than other people's view, even though it might not be what we want criticism helps) instead of having discussions where I, and maybe some others, have to wait a day t…

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