So I have an idea: What if we have a community language?

What will happen is that anyone can edit it, but no one can delete part of it unless they post on the talk on what they want to get rid of and why, and 3 people must agree with them.

All right... so all mah gs out dare b complainin bout me bin gone, so I'm lettin dem adminz edit dis shiznit.If I could understand what I just said my head would explode. (talk) 03:30, March 13, 2015 (UTC)

The writing system will be Cyrillic.

(comment or talk to me in the chat about what you want me to add)

Removal Votes

ɬ: 3 (removed)

tones: 1 (only one vote - not removed)



Bilabial Labio-dental Dental Alveolar Post-alveolar Palatal Velar
Nasal m <м> n <н>
Plosive p <п> b <б> t <т> d <д> k <к> g <г>
Fricative f <ф> θ <ҫ> s <с> ç <щ> x <х>
Affricate t∫ <ч>
Approximant j <й> w <ў>
Ejective t' <ҭ> t∫' <ҷ> k' <қ>
Trill r <р>
Lateral flap ɺ <л>


Front Near-front Central Near-back Back
Close ɨ <и> ʉ <у>
Mid ə <э> ɵ̟ <o>
Open a <а>
Vowles don't distuinguish by backness.


Tone Number Tone Numbers Diacritic
1 1,1 ˩˩ a
2 1,5 ˩˥ á
3 5,1,5 ˥˩˥ ǎ
4 5,1 ˥˩ à


И, у, э & о front from their central positions to i, y, e and œ before с, ҫ & л.

У, э and о back to ʊ, ɤ and ͻ after ў and х.


Initial/Medial: CV, C(л, р, й, ў)V, V, VC, CVC, C(л, р, й, ў)VC

Final: -V, VC, V(м, н, ф, с, ҫ, х, р, л)(п, б, т, ҭ, д, к, қ, г)

Hiatus are allowed, but the first vowel must be higher than the second. Diphthongs can include any vowel + й or ў, except for ий & yў.

Most words have at least one tonal vowel, some have two and very few have three tones.

If a syllable with a falling or circumflexed vowel is inserted after a previously toneless vowel due to a grammatical ending, the toneless vowel becomes rising.

If a syllable with a rising vowel is inserted after a previously rising vowel due to a grammatical ending, the latter becomes toneless. If the latter vowel was circumflexed, it becomes falling.

If a syllable with a toneless vowel is inserted after a rising or circumflexed vowel due to a grammatical ending, the former vowel becomes falling.

Tones within a word cannot modify or be modified by adjacent words.

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