So, I've worked out an order for the conlangs. I've also written a stupid little story (let's just say for now you'll need a word for tacos :P) which I'll begin translating into Xongeith, but we'll need to sort out how we can send the translated text to each other. I'm thinking email would be our best bet, but if you have any other ideas or questions feel free to leave a comment.

Order User Conlang Submitted
1 Bace1000 Xongeith 29th Sept '14
2 The Kaufman Sandbox 3 5th Oct '14
3 Elector Dark Xwarṣa 27th Oct '14
4 Osswix Nukilmea  Resigned
5 AKsroa4a Ødilaaife
6 Pat5005 Уацин
7 Somehomo Shinsali

Send me your email addresses here ->

Wow. This is taking a lot longer than expected. Sorry if you're still waiting patiently, but there's nothing I can do. I guess the text is too long, so if there's ever another relay, we'll know how long it should be.

EDIT: I offically declare this relay over (and a failure...). Hopefully future relays can learn from my mistakes! (i.e. don't let me run it xD)

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