Thank you to everyone who participated in the August Challenge! I hope you found it as fun as I did.

As many of you have been waiting for, the results are in. The final score is:

Ahise: +4
Ggän: +4
Likubenge: +3
Luluvo: +6
Shalledian: +4
Shinsali: +8
Wexelgwe: +2
Xongeith: +2
Xwarṣa: +7
Ødilaaife: +8

Therefore, we have a tie between Shinsali and Ødilaaife! Congrats to the winners.

The winning conlangs will be featured on the Main Page, as well as under Spotlight in the navigation panel at the top of every page. Additionally, the second and third runners up, Xwarṣa and Luluvo respectively, will also be featured.

Thank you again to everyone! I look forward to future challenges and hope you do too. :D

PS., the lock on the pages above are now over. Those of you who wish to continue editing your conlangs are free to do so. 

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