So, since our former admin, Emperor Zelos, "relocated" the wiki to be hosted under the domain of, and since Wikia doesn't delete wikis, I have decided to begin the process of creating a new government for this wiki.

Since I am the most senior still active member on the wiki (I presume), and have significant linguistical experience and resources, I will begin the adoption of this wiki to under mine, or someone else's, leadership.

This blog post will be the central position of it all.
Here, you can comment, nominate and vote for alternate adopters, give their pros and cons (self-nomination allowed, self-voting disallowed - votes should have a logical basis) and discuss the process of adoption and our future.

As to prevent accidents, cheatings and whatnot, I shall model the vote according to democratic systems around the world: one pro, one con per voter.

Since Wikkii is very unstable (I have checked, it has been downed thrice this year) and Wikia is far more frequented, I opt we stay here.

People can cast votes and administrator nominations here for their administratorship, along with their reason.

The list below shall include pros, cons and individuals nominated, along with reasons and comments, and a tally to keep track.

The votes should contain a reason that is rational.

The current status:

  • Rostov-na-don - (Oldest active normal editor, has knowledge of linguistics and a considerable linguistical resource library, has one of the most developed conlangs) - (-1)
    • Pros:
      • Wattman: " Senior member, responcible fellow, I've known you for some time and have worked with you on multiple collaboratory projects. Even though you can be a bit pushy, your intentions are clearly good enough for me to vote for you. AFAIK you haven't breached a single rule on the conlang wiki, except the logging-in one ;)"
    • Cons:
      • Waahlis: "1. The most senior wiki indeed, with a difference of a whole monsth between him and the current admin, MOB. Yet the current admin has twice the amounts of edits and is by far more active and experienced.2. Acts disrespectful towards a multitude of the users, depite their attempts to reconcile. 3. Could be using a adminship for personal purposes."
      • Mamûnám ontā́ bán: "Rostov has shown himself to act selfishly and disrespectfully as well as over-reacting - despite his seniority. I believe that he would abuse his privileges should he become an admin. Unless he calms down and matures I would oppose this."

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