Since the admins have abandoned the wiki and are bloody inactive, I've decided to get us a new leadership. To cut the story short, I will give the rules of voting:

1) Anyone can be nominated, but users can nominate only one person, in addition to themselves.
2) Anyone can vote. Every vote is worth one point.
2.1) Non-nominated people have one pro vote and one con vote.
2.2) Nominated people have one pro vote on everyone but themselves, and one con vote on themselves.
3) Votes should be elaborated with a comment.

Current nominations and nominators:

Current tally:

  • Elector Dark (+2)
    • Pros:
      • Razlem: "I'm not really active here anymore, but I vote for Elector Dark." (23/8/2012)
      • Wattman: "Elector Dark, or Rostov or 'gamma, whatever you go by these days, that is, I'll vote for you because, even if you're, bluntly put, a borderline psychopatic manchild whenever crap happens. FYI I'm putting my faith and honor on this one."(23/8/2012)
    • Cons:

As of 15/9/2012, 0:00GMT, voting has been closed.
Winner: Elector Dark (+2)

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