Voynich Manuscript

Ever since I discovered the Voynich manuscript some months ago, I've been reading text about it, but it bugs me that I cannot read the thing. I am going to make a decyphering attempt some time soon, hopefully together with some linguistics-crazy friends. I know that I am attempting something damn near impossible, but if I do succseed, that will give me some in-depth attachment to languages, and some fame (A kid and his pals decyphered a secred language with no known relatives when all attepts before failed) :) Rostov-na-don 02:40, July 24, 2010 (UTC) Assumptions and Facts:

  • The symbol that is simmilar to 'α\\\Ɔ' is most likely one glyph.
  • It is most likely not isolating.
  • It is most likely not polysynthetic.
  • Due to the amount of words and the diversity of the beforementioned, the language is almost certainly (if not certainly) not olygosynthetic.
  • There seem to be accents over some letters.
  • The language most likely has some strange repetition patterns.
  • The language doesn't seem to have interpunction signs.
  • In the herbal section, many of the initial words do not repeat themselves anywhere in the text, and they are probably names of the plants.
  • It doesn't seem to have a capital letter system.
  • It seems one can divide the glyphs into three groups: normal letters, tall letters, and doodles & other decorative glyphs that bear little or no meaning.
  • A good amount of words end in a nine-like glyph, sometimes more often than others.
  • There seem to be particles and/or pre/postpositions containing an o-shaped glyph. They seem to be two letters long.

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