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    Not leaving

    June 4, 2012 by EmperorZelos

    Apperently people think I am going to just disappear, but I am not. I will still be here to ensure it is atleast not being vandalized The Emperor Zelos 11:30, June 4, 2012 (UTC)

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    While I have already said it once This one will be a little more detailed.

    A languages vocabulary is coloured by and reflects the history of its speakers, their beliefs of the world, thier needs of what was in the world, what they considered to be important and our inherent ability and desire to use imagery to describe things (Which I'll assume (like all really does) includes all sorts of sapient life)

    Let me describe first what I mean with them and provide some examples and after I shall provide ways to do this.

    History of speakers includes all of the previously mentioned factors but this one can still show itself, I am currently unable think of a single word example but I can from my experience here in sweden, a former norse mythology count…

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    September 21, 2010 by EmperorZelos

    Quick Discussion about words in a language

    Most common words

    1: the

    2: of

    3: and

    5: a

    5: to

    6: in

    8: is

    9: be

    9: that

    9: was

    10: he

    11: for

    11: it

    14: with

    15: as

    15: his

    17: I

    17: on

    18: have

    19: at

    20: by

    20: not

    21: they

    21: this

    22: had

    24: are

    25: but

    26: from

    27: or

    28: she

    29: an

    30: which

    30: you

    31: one

    32: we

    34: all

    34: were

    35: her

    35: would

    36: there

    40: their

    40: will

    41: when

    41: who

    42: him

    43: been

    44: has

    44: more

    45: if

    45: no

    47: out

    48: do

    49: so

    50: can

    50: what

    52: up

    53: said

    54: about

    54: other

    55: into

    55: than

    56: its

    57: time

    59: only

    60: could

    60: new

    60: them

    62: man

    62: some

    65: these

    69: then

    69: two

    71: first

    71: May

    72: any

    72: like

    74: now

    75: my

    75: such

    76: make

    78: over

    79: our

    81: even

    81: most

    82: me

    83: state

    84: after

    84: also

    85: made

    87: many

    88: did

    88: must

    89: before

    91: back

    91: see

    91: …

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    Language and Logic

    September 10, 2010 by EmperorZelos

    Logic is such a common word used these days to properly deduce things from one or more premises. There are certain rules to it and more but I will go through a few and how they can be applied for language and distinctions in it, or lack of them. For easyness I will be using a table like

    X A
    1 0
    B 1


    where A and B represent the two options possed and X will be replaced by the function. If it shows 1 in the box it means that option is applied in that situation and 0 means it isnt.

    This is a common word and logical function, It usually represent where A can be the option or B can be, but also both can be valid at once.

    Or A
    1 0
    B 1


    This is the commonly spoken "Or" but may be emphezised by saying "A or B or both" in everyday speech to make it cle…

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    September 7, 2010 by EmperorZelos

    Currently working on my own I have decieded to talk some about orthography and various ways a language can be written, the options and general guidelines.

    This is where graphs represents ideas, concept, items and other concrete things. They do not show any pronounciation or anything but merely give of an idea. Their major problem is the "failure" of being able to draw abstract items or grammatical things. How would one draw "love" for example? Most people think a heart but is that really how that culture percieve it? Is it really a good way? Words such as "And" "up" "down" "above" etc, words giving grammatical information, are also a huge problem because they are not easy drawing even as a detailed picture. This is usually solved by using a…

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