From my previous blog where I gave some simple minor tips on general stuff i thought i would give more indepth of semantics to avoid replicating english dictionary again.

the first and probably most important thing to think on is to never EVER say "with in X is Y" because "with" or other structural words (prepositions, adpositions etc) often contain more than 1 meaning so you are dragging with you a ton of meanings in such a case. Instead you shall with such structural words rather mix and match the meanings around that is different. Hebrew got a word i cannot remember now that contain "with" "in" and such as a meaning that we would find odd. Sure it is to us but not for them. your langauge should be the same and mix it in ways that is different and perhaps sensical in the way that it might reflect a specific way of thinking.

History and view on things also affect it. A language that belongs to a nation that is very spiritual will most likely have many concepts revolving around it and words being derives of a spirit or deity.

Languages are also extremely metaphorical. in english the concept of space and time being the same can be found, "he stood before me" "he did it before me", same word, different dimensions. One is space another is time. One has to look forward to plan the future (seeing into space is seeing into time) and so on. How would your people see things? My people think time flows downward because their world is flight and such important and as time passes everything goes down (falls) hence future into the time itis the further down it is and so on. Find metaphores, idioms and much more that can describe your culture and their views. Not everything needs to be so but those things always have a root

More to come

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