Gibberish Inspired Japonic conlangs

These are the conlangs made by Gibberish Inspired based after the Japanese language or some other Japonic language (etc. Ryukyuan, Pre-Kara)

Gibberish Inspired (talk) 19:23, February 14, 2014 (UTC)

The Languages

Thomatan - Japanese/Greek

-Thomatan is spoken in Greece.

Gyan - Ryukyuan/Chinese

-Gyan is spoken in China.

Chantagongese - Japanese/Ryukyuan/Philippine/Formosan/Korean/Capondoan

-Chantagongese is spoken in Korea.

Katamakian - Japanese/Greek/Ainu

Jowan - Japanese/Javanese/Dravidian

-Jowan is spoken in Borneo & Java

Sadanese - Japanese/Batak/Malay

-Sadanese is spoken in Sumatra

Kazingkuan - Japanese/Ryukyuan

Okhutsk - Japanese/Chukchi/Yakut/Kamchatkan/Nivkh/Yukaghir

-Okhustk is spoken by ocean travelling peoples of the Siberian sea of Okhutsk.

Gornakan - Japanese/Germanic

Kimakuan - Japanese/Hawaiian

-Kimakuan is spoken by Japanese immigrants in Hawaii.

Walapokan - Japanese/Ahoroan/Asorian

-Walapokan is spoken in Sweden.

Umetskan - Japanese/Russian/Ainu/Nivkh

-Umetskan is spoken in the Sakhalin Island.

Roskatokese - Japanese/Ryukyuan/Pre-kara

Laperodoan - Japanese/Spanish/Celtic

-Laperodoan is spoken in Spain.

Formosan Creole - Japanese/various Formosan languages/Chinese

-Formosan Creole is spoke in Taiwan.

Shalibanese - Japanese/Manchu/other Tungusic/Chinese

-Shaliban is spoken in Manchuria.

Monabatoan - Ryukyuan/Tungusic/Maranotoan

-Monabatoan is spoken east of Manchuria.

Popan - Japanese

Ariyoan - Japanese/Iranian/Turkic

-Ariyoan or Ariyuan is spoken in northern Iran & southwestern Turkmenistan.

Haramadan - Japanese/Arabic

Haramadan is spoken in the Arabian Peninsula.

Hakoan - Japanese/Arabic

-Hakoan is spoken in the Kingdom of Hako, located northwest of Tokyo.

Sokoan - Japanese/French

-Sokoan is spoken in the Kingdom of Soko, located on Hokkaido.

Ozatan - Ryukyuan/Capondoan/French/Occitan

-Ozatan is spoken in southern France.

Kasatakian - Japanese/spanish/Turkic/Finnic/Greek

-Kasatakian is spoken in the micronation of Kasataki, located in the Polynesian Islands.

Yamatharan - Japanese

Maronotoan - Japanese/Capondoan/Tungusic/Korean

-Maronotoan is spoken around Vladivostok.

Chakaztan - Japanese/Mayan

-Chakaztan is spoken in Belize.

Annan - Japanese/Inuit

-Annan is spoken in mainland Nunavut.

Kagan Languages.

The Kagan Languages has it's origin in Japanese but are very different. NOTE, NOT ALL KAGAN LANGUAGES WILL BE LISTED HERE.

Stage 1 Proto-Kagan - Japanese/Sanskrit

Stage 2 Proto-Kagan - S1PK/Balinese/Malay/Javanese/Sasak/Madurese

Stage 3 Proto-Kagan - S2PK/Tamil/Malayalam/Sinhala/Telugu/Kannada/Tunu

Stage 4 Proto-Kagan - S3PK/Swahili/Kikuyu/Masai/Sukuma/Bantu & Nilo-Saharan Languages from zones G, F, & E

Proto-Etiopian - S4PK/Turkana/Oromo/Somali/Wollaytta/Ethiopian/Afar

Kagan - S4PK/Ganda/Sango/Lingala/Kongo/Luba/Lunda/various other Bantu languages from zones C, D, L, K, M, & J

Early Kengan - Kagan/Stivontian/Lingala/Kituba/Sango/various other Bant languages from zones C, D, L, K, B, H, M

Modern Kengan - Early Kengan/Japanese

Grondelic - Kagan/Grendish/English

Goidelic - Kagan/Hindi/Bhojpuri/other Indo-Aryan

Goranian - Kagan/Russian

Nessemese - Kagan

Agujan - Kagan

Kwagan - Kagan/Zone J Bantu/Zone F Bantu

Gojan - Kagan/Zone A Bantu

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