• LctrGzmn


    July 3, 2010 by LctrGzmn

    I've been looking around quite a bit lately, and I can't help but notice, an orthography is distinct just like a language, don't you all agree? I mean... one sees rings over a's and knows it's probably a Nordic language. One sees háčeks and knows it's probably a Slavic language, and one sees funky combinations in languages you don't know much about, and they manage to look erotic. I was wondering, really, and over the past few days, I've done quite the renovating with Adwan. I'm literally thinking of getting rid of háčeks, which brings me to this question: what are your opinions on orthographies? Do you like them phonemic and shallow (quoting Wiki here!)? Or do you like having those little perks in orthographies that make them deep and, we…

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