• Mnllp4

    Best Free-Roam Games

    September 8, 2014 by Mnllp4

    Before I begin, let me point out *cough* Rurfs *cough* this is a blog, I'll be posting random stuff, usually just "best of" lists. Now, today's list will be the best free roaming games

    • Fallout 3 - Mini-nukes, zombies, mutants, factions, and an amazing storyline about a post-apocylpse world struggling to rebuild human civilization :)
    • Grand Theft Auto 5 - No need to explain, we all know its the best game ever! 
    • Assassins Creed IV - After having the dreadful Assassins Creed 3, Black Flag redeemed ubisoft, mostly because you get to be a pirate, aaaargh
    • Elder Scrolls Skyrim - I hate skyrim and the whole elder scrolls because its delaying something better (Fallout 4) but since everyone is obsessed with it, here ya go
    • Red Dead Redemption - I like to c…

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  • Mnllp4

    Best Songs by Genre

    September 8, 2014 by Mnllp4

    Hey so today I'm going to put a list of the best songs according to their genre (rap, rock, soul, etc.) so here it goes

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