I find it strange that a wiki on conlangs doesn't have an article on Quenya, Klingon or any other famous and successful languages. Is there a good reason for this? Is this wiki too new to assume that content should already be here? Or is it rude to create articles about languages one hasn't authored?

At the very least, there should be some acknowledgement of the conlang greats. It would be cool to be able to quickly compare the inner workings of D'ni to Na'vi. I see no need to completely reproduce the language definitions here; but an external links to the best tutorials would be handy. Short histories about authors and creation of Esperanto and Loglan can provide excellent inspiration to aspiring conlangers such as myself.

There should probably be some guidelines in place but I, being a newcomer, am not the one to say what belongs here or does not. I know what would help and interest *me* and, naturally, I gravitate toward adding those things to the wiki. So I ask, what is the process in getting clarification on adding areas of content that simply do not exist yet? Is there a committee that has the final say? Should I just start adding things until someone tells me to stop? Any thoughts or comments would be most appreciated.

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