aka Patrick Gettings

  • I live in West Lafayette, Indiana, USA, Earth, Solar System, Milky Way Galaxy, Virgo Supercluster (approximate)
  • I was born on March 24
  • My occupation is donut fry cook
  • I am androgynous
  • Pat5005

    Conlang Relay Order

    January 21, 2015 by Pat5005
    1. Pat5005 with Уацин
    2. Elector Dark with Xwarṣa
    3. Meuser 2 with Mattish

    I am sorry to ED if Уацин is not done correctly, or if something seems to be wrong. If so, just email me, and I'll get back to you so I may clarify what might not be clear.

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  • Pat5005

    This shall be the "callout" for the upcoming Conlang Relay, which will take place in the time period of at most 53 65 days. I am giving each participant a 13-day 15-day translation period. This time should be enough time to translate the text you receive from the previous participant's language into English, into your language, and finally submit it back to me.

    My email is and hopefully I get no more spam than I already receive.

    The callout period shall end in three days (the 13 January) on the 20 January.

    I am planning for this relay to commence on the 14 January 23 January. This should leave us plenty of time to have all of the participants signed up and also to have their email submitted to me.

    If you do not know, I will have the basic layout of ho…

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  • Pat5005

    Pat5005's Conlang Relay

    January 9, 2015 by Pat5005

    ohhhkaaayyy, I'm thinkin now, since that other old conlang relay (Bace's one) has been practically discontinued, that I could just start my own.

    Now, this may be not alright with some of you, but for some others, it might be nice for a change.

    I haven't been liking how quiet the Conlang Wikia has been recently and I feel like it needs to have some fun in this mix of boredom and silence.

    I'm thinking that we can hold a sort of "callout" from now until a couple weeks, which is when we might be able to begin.

    I will write a short story, then translate it into my own language, Уацин. We shall then commence the relaying.

    I am trying to put emphasis on the shortness of the story. It will be at least three sentences, but no more than ten.

    And, there will b…

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