This shall be the "callout" for the upcoming Conlang Relay, which will take place in the time period of at most 53 65 days. I am giving each participant a 13-day 15-day translation period. This time should be enough time to translate the text you receive from the previous participant's language into English, into your language, and finally submit it back to me.

My email is <> and hopefully I get no more spam than I already receive.

The callout period shall end in three days (the 13 January) on the 20 January.

I am planning for this relay to commence on the 14 January 23 January. This should leave us plenty of time to have all of the participants signed up and also to have their email submitted to me.

If you do not know, I will have the basic layout of how the entire relay shall play out below, along with the rules.

I am expecting at least 5 participants, and at most 10. This should be nice for the amount of time I am allowing, in my opinion. If not, comment below.


  1. Each participant sends me their email/name/conlang
  2. I submit my translation of the text to the first participant (order will be posted after callout period)
  3. The next participant translates the given text out of the received conlang into english, then into theirs
  4. They then submit the final translated text back to me
  5. I send that translation to the next person
  6. They do the same as step 3 and 4
  7. Repeat steps 5 and 6 until everyone has finished
  8. I post all the texts, including the conlangs and the english translation, in order, along with the original


  • Must have an original conlang on the Conlang Wiikia
  • Must submit name/email/conlang to me by end of callout period
  • Must also send a link to their conlang, with their email, etc
  • If the text has not been translated and submitted by the end of the 13 15 days, they shall consequently be disqualified, and their text will be omitted from the final post with all translations on it


  • more rules can be added as necessary; ergo, bookmark this page or keep checking here
  • dates may be changed as necessary so, again, keep checking back here for edits
  • comment below and say you are signing up to sign up

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