Pat5005's Conlang Relay

Pat5005 January 9, 2015 User blog:Pat5005


ohhhkaaayyy, I'm thinkin now, since that other old conlang relay (Bace's one) has been practically discontinued, that I could just start my own.

Now, this may be not alright with some of you, but for some others, it might be nice for a change.

I haven't been liking how quiet the Conlang Wikia has been recently and I feel like it needs to have some fun in this mix of boredom and silence.


I'm thinking that we can hold a sort of "callout" from now until a couple weeks, which is when we might be able to begin.

I will write a short story, then translate it into my own language, Уацин. We shall then commence the relaying.

I am trying to put emphasis on the shortness of the story. It will be at least three sentences, but no more than ten.

And, there will be a deadline for how long you have to translate into english, and into your language. I'm figuring that that can take place in the time frame of 7-10 days; however, comment and discuss what you think it should be.

If there should be any comments, comment below in the comment section. Comment. I had to comment the word comment one more time.

That's it. Thank you.

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