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  • Veliberius

    the le also as suffix of final, resultative verb and substantivizer it isn't an article!

    be ya укр. Е

    of de

    and ko / i internat. Co-exist, cooperate, someone & Co. sounds as 跟

    to tu eng. also used as prefix of motion, direction (Chinese Qu2 is close)

    a -

    in ye  close to -ya-

    have may укр. Мае

    it se

    you vi esp

    for day chinese-like logic da-to give = day

    not ne

    that se french, slavonic

    on no a priori, but may relate to portug. 'no', russian-ukranian 'на', or even mirror from eng. 

    with ko

    do fa french-like je fais

    as kaw

    he/she gi  sex.neutral if you want to say he - gimu, she - gifey

    we misu mi+su

    this si french

    at si tu

    they gisu gi+su

    but dene de+ne

    from fe fe=from, far, very distant english

    by si tu

    will va future tense, spanish le ma - as personal willing

    or kone…

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  • Veliberius


    March 15, 2014 by Veliberius

    Mela is a language which I am constructing for my family, I use it to talk to my wife and children. It is constructed to be easy to memorise. It is attained by constructing words as Lego's. Of course, international words could be used, but they need to be short in order to create new words with them. It would be ideal if we can know 1 000 words by memorizing only a hundred roots.

    1. The vocabulary is based on the list of the most frequently used words. It gives us the opportunity to start speaking the language right away, also it gives us an idea of what words are more important, what are the building blocks of the language. 2. All antonyms are created by the "mirror rule", for example - ANAY - high, YANA - low. 3. Words are selected from t…

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