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Waahlis February 20, 2012 User blog:Waahlis

Consider the posting title a deeper joke!

I have been thinking since a while, somewhat loudly, should this cold-hearted wiki need some more interaction? Currently, the commitment and dedication to the wiki is at it's lowest point since before GoldeEagle. This is by no means a desperate wailing, but rather a plea, to encourage the spirit of the wikia.

Imagine how some cooperative work would help the wiki? A long time ago, before my time there were vivid discussions regarding the main page and wiki logo, soon fading into archived posts...

If we tidied up a bit amongst the conlangs, the featured ones - all languages would get the attention and consideration they deserve! A welcoming main page would encourage further influx of conlangers, and stricter rules of presentation could give a more simple overview of the language in question?

Please gather up, and at least make an awful comment about the stupidity and futility of my post. (Please be sarcastic - I looove sarcastic... :) )

As final words:

"Testing, testing!"

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