Now that I have your attention, please be seated.

I have at an earlier instance complained on the structure and design of this wiki, and started a smaller redesign by myself. However, since I've worked almost completely by myself, my work is rather subjective. I would like any critisism, good as well as bad, on my ideas and creations.

The names are preliminary as well.

  • This is my preliminary outline for the main page . Compare it with the . It might currently just seem like a very long list, but I will need the space available on the Main page to structure it fully.
  • Secondly, I've improved the "Conlang Info"-template (according to me), which is now called the "Definition"-template.
  • In addition, I've created two new tables to replace the current "Picked languages"-template on the main page, the "Featured", and the "Editor's Pick".
  • The "Creating a Language"-template on the main page has also been changed to fit stylewise. Although it needs lots of improvement. Or maybe none.

I've also prepared a flag of the wiki based on the Babel flag, to fit into the wiki's colour scheme:

The original. And my proposal:
Conlang flag

The Conlang Flag was designed by Christian Thalmann, Jan van Steenbergen, Leland Paul, David J. Peterson and Adrian Morgan. It represents the Tower of Babel (translating Genesis 11:1-9 has been a tradition for conlangers) against a rising sun. It was released into the public domain. The versions above have been re-created at much higher quality by Paul Schleitwiler for the LCS, and are also released into the public domain. The icon files were created by Rebecca Bettencourt based on Paul's SVG.


My proposal for a Wiki insignia. I like it.

Your ideas for improvement and critisism will be greatly appreciated.

Cheers, Royal Arms of Atzlā kyām dēkәr 10:49, April 14, 2012 (UTC)

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