• Xygykybano

    Xygykybano Grammar Words

    September 30, 2013 by Xygykybano
    • there cein
    • of uv
    • in in
    • if i
    • ! ba
    • ? ra
    • very so
    • I/me mi
    • (past tense) ky
    • (future tense) jy
    • (ownership) no
    • (verb to noun [Ex. swim to swimming]) mes
    • where ve
    • why vey
    • when ven
    • what vat
    • how hew
    • who hw
    • it it
    • something sumqiŋ
    • word wed
    • this cis
    • that (That is...) cet
    • (#)ce/(#) time (ex. once/one time) (#)s (wans)
    • (#)st (ex. first/second) (#)st (ex. wanst/twst)
    • that (the time that...) ced
    • when (the time when...) vene
    • thing that does (verb) (ex. benwe - benwe-we) -we
    • (negative) nada
    • only ony
    • except eksept
    • please kwdas
    • he/she (genderless) sy
    • okay oke
    • to tw
    • welcome wekum
    • next nekst
    • we gy
    • but but
    • and end
    • or oen
    • also ewso
    • like eyk
    • hello hewo
    • he hy
    • she fy
    • you w
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  • Xygykybano

    Xygykybano Verbs

    September 30, 2013 by Xygykybano


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  • Xygykybano

    Benwe-weef no Send

    September 30, 2013 by Xygykybano



    Worndaeen: Riidaena if yuu leikdaena siinse bludlii.

    Wun teim, in treib of reidaeiisegasaand, prrsunse huu riidae rundaeiisegasaand, sther isskii boygayung naemdae Tam. Aejgii sthaat cheildse iss ulaawdaekii chuussdae sthaenorundaeiisegasaand iss ten. Wen Tam chaenjdaekii ten hii aand hiinogruupgaskuul gokii awtseid feind sthaenorundaeiisegasaand. Weil sthae walkdaeenkii rundaeiigasaand kumdaekii sthem aand scriimdaekii aat gruupgii, al fliidaekii except Tam. Sthen rundaeiigasaandgii ataakdaekii Tam aand sleisdaekii hiinoarmgaleft af sthen Tam jumpdaekii an rundaeiigasaandgii aand ataachdaekii reiinse an it reidae it. Tam diiseidaekii naemdae rundaeiigasaandgii Bab. Rundaeiisegasaand iss burdsegabiggafle…

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