Pяeviat, kimяa ah hoow? ya ęя'ą Yińai бya ya ę'яą dą kяiyshootiya б vo lańgeń hańńooń Dęmańeań

Hello there, I am Yinai and I am the one who created this Language called Demanean.

I created this language to help those who could not speak read or write in English due to Dyslexia, I was thinking of a way to create a cool looking Language that had a phonetic based spelling system and was derived from many east European Languages like Finish, Russian and Polish. The aim was to make it simple to learn and memorise but also to make sense as a language so that people would find it attractive.

The Translation of the word "Demanean/Dęmańeań" means "to be dyslexic", and so "Dą Dęmańeań lańgeń" would mean "The language of the dyslexics"

There is not a lot I can say on this Language yet as it is still young but I hope that in the future that I will be able to finally publish the translation of this language for others to use.,, :3 

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