When I was working on my conlang... because I am a beginner, I was very systematic about it. I was following the steps and completing them as I went. I finished the very basics of the syntax and grammar, got my phones all listed and organised. But when I finally started to form sentences... it was really hard. It didn't sound natural to me at all. It was very very difficult to say the sentences naturally because they sounded ugly and disorientating. I could've taken those mistakes and used them to improve it, but I didn't find that quite appropriate.

Instead, I'm going to change the phones completely. I shall record myself speaking gibberish, whilst expressing what I intend to say. When I looked on youtube for research, I found a few conlangs sounded monotonal, just like mine did (hey, we're all gotta start somewhere). That is exactly what I want to avoid. Also want to put on that accent whilst speaking English to analyse the difference.

Everyone has an idiolect, right? So if we all used that idiolect... we could all create very unique language whilst feeling completely natural for us to say, without thinking too much into it. It could possibly be a mix of chinese or african (I do not know these languages, but I like how they sound), some japanese (since I know a little of it) and some rare sounds which will be unique to me. NOTE: I will not take words from these languages, only be influenced by them.

Hope all goes well :)

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