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  • Birds sing
    • Þrestiʀ syngvą
  • Children play
    • Börn kjaldą
  • Dogs bark
    • Hundaʀ gjalpą
  • Bees hum
    • Bȳ songlą
  • Baby laughed
    • Ungbarn hlēið
  • The sun shines
    • Svaglit skīnið
  • The wind blows
    • Vindiʀ blēsið
  • The car started
  • School began again
    • Skōli byrjaði eftri
  • The child ran quickly
    • Barnit ōlkið snjalla
  • Yellow daffodils nodded gaily
  • Little Marigold cried bitterly
  • All the people shouted
  • I recited twice
    • Svangl jak tvavag
  • The weary traveler slept soundly
  • The little brook flows swiftly
  • Softly the great white snowflakes fell
  • The kind old man laughed pleasantly
  • The happy days passed quickly
    • Snjalla bigiggjų degiʀniʀ glaði
  • Up jumped the smallest boy

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